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How to Enable your Game

open the Outplayed settings and press on the Games tab, once you have added your game you can press on your game to set a Capture mode:


Outplayed Capture Modes

Outplayed has 4 different capture modes:

Highlights- Outplayed will automatically detect game events and create highlight clips for those events. You can select which game events will be automatically captured.

Full Match- Outplayed will start to capture the moment you start your match until the match ends. You can select which game events will be automatically bookmarked.

The recording will only record the match itself. 

Full Session-  Outplayed will start to capture the moment you start the game process until you exit the game process. You can select which game events will be automatically bookmarked.

A full session video will be created for your entire gameplay session once you have closed the game.

Note: If the game events are available, Full Session recording will be automatically split according to each match and the time between the matches will be marked as misc.

Manual capture- allows you to manually select when to record.


Why is Outplayed capturing my full session even though I set it to Highlights/Full Match?

The Highlights/Full Match capture mode depend on game events. When game events are down Outplayed will automatically switch to recording the full session so you won't miss out :) 

Please note that when game events are down Outplayed will not be able to automatically add bookmarks.

For more information, please visit the following article: Apps and Highlights Status Explanation.

Outplayed is set to Full Session Capture Mode but is capturing the recordings as matches and misc.?

If the game events are available (Meaning the Highlights and Full Match options are available.) Full Session recording will automatically be split according to each match and the time between the matches will be marked as Misc.

You can check if this feature is enabled here under the game settings:

You can edit the clips together using the Outplayed Editor.

If you do not want the Full Session recording to be split according to matches click on the setting to disable it then relaunch Outplayed & your game to save the settings for future recordings:

Why doesn't Outplayed support recording Highlight/Full Match for my game?

Outplayed uses the Overwolf platform to detect in game events in real time. Supporting real time events for a game requires constant maintenance in addition to permissions from the game developers- so only selected games are added. 

You can request supporting events for games Here. Please search if there are any similar suggestions already before submitting a new one.

How to manually capture the game

Outplayed allows you to manually record any supported game.

You can start the recording by pressing on your recording hotkeys. The default hotkeys are as follows:

How to view and change your Outplayed hotkeys

You can check which hotkeys you have set for different actions by going to the game settings in Outplayed:

You can change your hotkeys from the default set by Outplayed by clicking on the existing hotkey combination and pressing the combination of your choice:

Click here for our guide on How to Manage Your Overwolf Hotkeys

How to use the Screen recorder feature

If you would like to record a game which is not supported by Overwolf, or just record your computer screen, you can use the Outplayed Screen recorder feature!

Note: This feature can only be set to record manually and can not record automatic highlights & display game events.

You can start the screen recording by:

  • Clicking on the Screen recorder option in the top bar then clicking on the big red button to start the recording:

  • Right clicking on the Outplayed tray icon and clicking "Start screen recording" 
  • Going to the Outplayed Settings, clicking on Screen recorder and "Open screen record":

Please note that the recording will not end automatically when closing Outplayed- you can only end the recording manually. 

Longer recordings may take a longer time to process. Please make sure to leave Outplayed open until the recording has been completely processed, closing Outplayed before the recording has finished processing may corrupt the file. 

We are working on creating a hotkey to allow you to open the Screen Recorder faster!

If you start manually recording your screen and switch to a supported game Outplayed will stop the Screen recorder and automatically capture the gameplay with your chosen game capture mode settings. 

If you would like to only use the Screen recorder to manually record your game please manually disable your game from being recorded.

Note: The Screen recorder will record EVERYTHING on the screen so make sure to hide any sensitive information. 

Changing the Screen recorder settings

If you have more then one monitor you can use the Screen recorder settings to set which display will be captured:

Please make sure to restart Outplayed & your game to save any changes to the settings.

How to record your webcam

To record your webcam along with the gameplay you will need to go to the Outplayed Capture settings and enabled the Webcam:

Then under Device select your webcam device. 

Under the "Webcam is captured" setting selecting "Always" means that the webcam will be recorded even when hidden, to allow you to play without interruption. Just set the window and when you're good to go press the hotkey to hide it. 

Note: This is only supported on DX11

"Only when visible" means that the webcam will not be recorded when the webcam window is hidden. 

When the webcam window is open in game you can change the location of the window by clicking and moving the window and change the size of the webcam window:

In memory of May 13.10.23 <3

Note: This feature is only supported when recording games using the Capture Modes and not supported for Outplayed games with no in-games overlay support.

How to use virtual webcams with Outplayed

Note: Outplayed does not support streaming at this time.

If you are trying to record a virtual webcam please make sure that it is fully enabled before starting your game.

For example - In order to use Vtube Studio while recording with Outplayed please make sure that your avatar appears correctly while in OBS Studio. Then set the Outplayed webcam settings to "OBS Virtual Camera" and your avatar should appear after clicking on "Start Virtual Camera" in OBS:

Outplayed does not fully support virtual webcams such as OBS Studio, NVIDIA Broadcast and others. They may work in the preview however we are unable to provide further support regarding virtual cameras.

How to capture only game sound

Outplayed can be set to capture only the game sound. Using this setting means that your music, voice chat, or any other non-game sounds will not be recorded.

You can find the "System sound captures only the game" setting in the Outplayed Capture settings under the Audio Advanced options:

Please note that this setting is in beta and will not work if you are using a Windows version older then Windows 10 2004 (released 2020-05-27) or Outplayed games with no in-games overlay support.

Note: When this setting is enabled it is not possible to record the Valorant voice chat as it is run through the Riot client and not the game process.

How to force microphone capture to mono

If you are using an XLR microphone or any microphone that captures only one side you can set Outplayed to mono sound capture under the advanced options in the Outplayed Capture settings:

How to set up Wave Link Stream (Elgato Wave) in Outplayed

Under the Outplayed Capture settings go to the Audio section and select the microphone device "Wave Link Stream (Elgato Virtual Audio)". Please make sure to leave "Capture System Sound" disabled.

Then fully relaunch Outplayed & your game to save these settings:

How do I know that Outplayed is working?

When starting your game Outplayed will show a notification that is is active:

When starting a manual recording the following notification will appear:

You can set Outplayed to not display these notifications in the Notification settings:

You can set Outplayed to not record these notifications in the Capture settings:

What is the Game dashboard (Secondary screen)?

The Game dashboard is an in-game secondary screen with additional real time information about your recording and game such as: time played, game service status, used storage/total storage & capture settings (Capture mode, resolution, bitrate & FPS).

The Game dashboard in portrait mode:

The Game dashboard in landscape mode:

You can switch between portrait and landscape mode in the Outplayed game settings:

The Game dashboard will only appear while the game process is running. You can show/hide the Game dashboard by clicking on your set hotkeys. These will appear on the top of the Game dashboard and can be changed in Outplayed game settings:

You can enable/disable the Game dashboard by clicking on your game in the Outplayed settings and toggling the Game dashboard option on/off:

The Games dashboard is not resizable and will be sized based on app orientation. Additionally, it is automatically disabled for games with no in-game overlay support.

What are “Before duration” and “After duration”

The "before duration" is the amount of time Outplayed will record before pressing on the record hotkey. For example, if your before duration is 20 seconds once you press on your hotkey to record Outplayed will record for 20 seconds from before you press on the hotkey. Same goes for after duration, it will continue recording for the amount of time after pressing on the record hotkey.

For example, if you click on record 1 minute into your game the recording will start from 0:40 not 1:00 when you click on the hotkey.

Once you have changed this setting you can click on "Apply globally to all games" if you would like all your games recorded with Outplayed to use the same “Before duration” and “After duration”:

When using the Full Session/Full Match Capture Modes the before duration setting refers to placing the bookmark

How to change the duration of your highlights

When selecting the Highlights Capture Mode you can set how long before and after each game event you would like each highlight to be captured for. It is possible to set the highlight to be captured for a maximum of 180 seconds before & after each game event.

Note: When your game is set to record the Full Session/Full Match these settings can be used to change the length of the bookmark instead of the recording.

You can change this setting by clicking on your game under the Games tab, clicking on Advanced Options and toggling the bars next to each event type:

For example: In the gif above the settings for the Victory event have been changed so the highlight recorded by Outplayed will show 93 seconds before the Victory event takes place and 92 seconds after the event as well.

Please make sure to restart Outplayed and your game to save any changes to these settings.

What is a bookmark?

Just like bookmarks in real life, creating a bookmark in Outplayed allows you to go back to the point you marked in the video.

Bookmarks are represented by an icon on the timeline. Each bookmark also has a start time and duration, clicking on the bookmark will play the segment.

Outplayed will automatically mark game events on the timeline:

Manual capture has a unique bookmark that will be added to the clip on the moment you hit the hotkey:

When Outplayed automatically captures the game, pressing the manual capture hotkeys will add a manual bookmark to the clip, allowing you to find that moment easily on the timeline.

How to change the recording names

Note: Changing the recording file name directly can disconnect the clip from Outplayed. Use the steps here to reconnect the clip.

You can change the recording name by clicking on the current name and then typing in what you would like to name the clip:

Where to find the video files

You can find the original recording files by going to the Outplayed settings and clicking on Storage:

You can also find a specific video file by clicking on the Open Folder button over the clip:

Please note that moving or editing these files will remove them from Outplayed. If you would like to edit these files we recommend making a copy of the original file.

How to Backup and Restore your Outplayed recordings

If you are planning on making any changes to your computer or to Outplayed (such as uninstalling and reinstalling the app), you can create a backup of all your recording sessions on Outplayed and then restore them at a later date.

Please note that the backup and restore options are disabled while in-game. 

Currently we can only backup the recording sessions and settings, but we’re working on adding an option to backup your editor projects as well!

Creating a backup

  1. Click on the Backup and Restore option in the Help Center

  1. Select Backup

  1. Choose the destination folder that the backup file will be saved to. You can change the destination if needed.
    Make sure that the destination folder has enough space for the backup file!

  2. Click on Create Backup

Make sure to keep your backup file safe! Without the file it will not be possible to restore the data.

Restoring from a backup

Note: Restored backups are added to the existing data, and may overwrite it. This can not be undone! 

To restore your files from a backup file follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Backup and Restore option in the Help Center

          Or from the first installation screen

  1. Select the Restore tab

  1. Choose the media folder for your restored data, keep the current folder if you want to add data, or choose a new one for a clean start (If your current video locations are spread over various folders the restore process will tidy it up.)

  2. Click on “Browse” and select your .obp backup file

  3. Click on Restore backup

  4. Once the backup is completed it will show as restored successfully 

  5. Relaunch Outplayed to complete the restoration

Please make sure to wait until the backup restore is completed before making any changes to the data such as using the screen recorder, generating clips, exporting videos, and any other actions that will add or remove data. 

If the backup file has been corrupted or deleted but you still have the recording files themselves you can import the recordings into Outplayed using these steps.

How to set up the Media folder

When setting up Outplayed you will need to select the Media folder which will be used to store all your recordings with Outplayed:

The default path is set to C:\Users\[Your username]\Videos\Overwolf\Outplayed and is the recommended setting. 

This subfolder will be automatically created by Outplayed after your first recording. 

If the folder isn't created please make sure that Outplayed is not being blocked.

You can set the Media folder to a different location on the computer however we recommend keeping the location on the C drive. Assigning it to a different drive may cause the recordings to be disconnected and deleted from Outplayed if the non-C drivers disconnects at any point.

If your clips are disconnected but the recording files are still on the computer you can reconnect them using the steps here.

How to change the Media folder location

Please note that moving or editing the recording files directly will remove them from Outplayed.

If you would like to change the Outplayed Media folder at any point please follow these steps:

1. Create a backup of your recording files using the steps from- How to Backup and Restore your Outplayed recordings.

2. Restore the backup folder directly to the new Media folder:

Please note that if you have changed the storage folder location before creating a backup the recording files may be disconnected/deleted from Outplayed.

If the recording files have disconnected from Outplayed you can reconnect them using this guide: How to locate and reconnect clips

If the files have been deleted from Outplayed but you still have a copy of the recordings you can import them into Outplayed using this guide: How to import external clips into Outplayed

We do not recommend using an external driver as the Media folder.

What are the recommended recording settings?

As each computer is different we recommend trying one of the following preset settings in Outplayed:

Make sure to relaunch Outplayed & your game to save the settings.

Minimum recording requirements

Click here for the minimum recording requirements. 

Encoders supported by Outplayed

Click here to view the video codec selection and availability.

How to delete clips

Note: Once a clip has been deleted it is not possible to restore it! We highly recommend saving a backup of the recording file before deleting the clip in Outplayed. 

You can delete a clip by going to the Sessions tab and selecting one or more of the clips then clicking on "Delete items"

If the clip has been marked as Favorite please go to the Favorites tab to delete the clip.

How to stop Outplayed recording a certain game

You can stop Outplayed from recording a certain game using these options:

1. Go to the Outplayed setting, hover over the game name under MY GAMES and click on the X button next to its name:

2. Go to the Outplayed settings and in the Games tab find the game and click on it to disable it.

You can always enable the game again by going to the Outplayed settings and re-adding the game in the Games tab.

Help! Outplayed isn’t working

If you are encountering any issues with recording on Outplayed such as no clip being recorded, freezes/laggy clips or audio issues with the recording please try the troubleshooting steps in this article: Common Capture Issues

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