How to Enable your Game

open the Outplayed settings and press on the Games tab, once you have added your game you can press on your game to set a Capture mode:


Outplayed Capture Modes

Outplayed has 4 different capture modes:

Highlights- Outplayed will automatically detect game events and create highlight clips for those events. You can select which game events will be automatically captured.

Full Session-  Outplayed will start to capture the moment you start the game process until you exit the game process. A full session video will be created for your entire gameplay session.

Full Match- Outplayed will start to capture the moment you start your match until the match ends. The recording will only record the match itself.

Manual capture- allows you to manually select when to record. 

How to manually capture the game

Outplayed allows you to manually record any supported game.

You can start the recording by pressing on your recording hotkeys. The default hotkeys are as follows:

Click here for our guide on How to Manage Your Overwolf Hotkeys

What are “Before duration” and “After duration”

The "before duration" is the amount of time Outplayed will record before pressing on the record hotkey. For example, if your before duration is 20 seconds once you press on your hotkey to record Outplayed will record for 20 seconds from before you press on the hotkey. Same goes for after duration, it will continue recording for the amount of time after pressing on the record hotkey.

For example, if you click on record 1 minute into your game the recording will start from 0:40 not 1:00 when you click on the hotkey.

What is a bookmark?

Just like bookmarks in real life, creating a bookmark in Outplayed allows you to go back to the point you marked in the video.

Bookmarks are represented by an icon on the timeline. Each bookmark also has a start time and duration, clicking on the bookmark will play the segment.

Outplayed will automatically mark game events on the timeline:

Manual capture has a unique bookmark that will be added to the clip on the moment you hit the hotkey:

When Outplayed automatically captures the game, pressing the manual capture hotkeys will add a manual bookmark to the clip, allowing you to find that moment easily on the timeline.

Where to find the video files

You can find the original recording files by going to the Outplayed settings and clicking on Storage:

You can also find a specific video file by clicking on the Open Folder button over the clip:

Please note that moving or editing these files will remove them from Outplayed. If you would like to edit these files we recommend making a copy of the original file.

What are the recommended recording settings?

As each computer is different we recommend trying one of the following preset settings in Outplayed:

Minimum recording requirements

Click here for the minimum recording requirements. 

Encoders supported by Outplayed

Click here to view the video codec selection and availability.

How to stop Outplayed recording a certain game

You can stop Outplayed from recording a certain game using these options:

1. Go to the Outplayed setting, hover over the game name under MY GAMES and click on the X button next to its name:

2. Go to the Outplayed settings and in the Games tab find the game and click on it to disable it.

You can always enable the game again by going to the Outplayed settings and re-adding the game in the Games tab.

Help! Outplayed isn’t working

If you are encountering any issues with recording on Outplayed such as no clip being recorded, freezes/laggy clips or audio issues with the recording please try the troubleshooting steps in this article: Common Capture Issues

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