Games with no in-game overlay support can still be fully captured by Outplayed. However, some features will not be available:

  1. No in-game overlay - While in-game you will not be able to open Outplayed.
  2. Limited notifications - You won’t see the notifications while playing in FCE (Fullscreen Exclusive) mode.
  3. Outplayed will record your entire screen - If your game window is not in full-screen mode the area around it will also be recorded. Please make sure to hide any sensitive information!
  4. No APM - But we’re working on it!
  5. No isolated game sound - You can’t capture only the game sound using the advanced sound settings.
  6. No Webcam - But we’re working on it!
  7. No Screenshots - But we’re working on it!

Even with these limitations, we can now support some of the most all-time requested games while we work on fully supporting the game to make sure you don’t miss out :)