The Outplayed Video Editor can be used to edit your Outplayed recordings. Currently the Video Editor can be used to create a highlights montage of your best moments, edit clip lengths & merge clips together - More features will be added in the future!

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Starting a project

To start using the Video Editor click on the Editor tab and create a new project:

Click on Import videos to add Outplayed recordings to your project:

You can select any of your videos to add to the project- including recordings of different game sessions, different games and external clips that were imported into Outplayed:

You can filter your videos by date, source, game & event by clicking on the Filter button:

You can also import videos directly into the project by clicking on the Import videos button or using drag and drop:

Please note that Outplayed only supports .mp4 files. 

Once you have selected the videos you want to add to your project click on “Update project”. 

You can always add/remove project clips by clicking on “Import videos”

Creating a  highlights montage 

The best way to create a highlights montage is from the timeline. Click on "Open in editor", select the clips you want to use and add it to the editor.

Then select either “Create New Project” or select one of the existing projects that the clip will be added to:

How to protect project clips

Project clips are not protected from auto deletion if your storage settings are set to “Auto menage”.

To save a video from auto deletion, you need to add it to favorites. Here is how to favorite a clip.

Please note that if a clip was deleted before the project has been exported it will be removed from the project and appear as an empty file:

Editing your clips

Once you have selected your videos they will be added to the project timeline (on the bottom of the screen). You can click on the clip again to add another copy of it to the timeline. If you want to delete a video and all its timeline instances from the project, click on the trash icon:

Click on one of the clips in the timeline to view & edit the clip properties such as the clip length, crop options & volume of the selected clip:

In order to use the Slice feature make sure that you have selected your clip then move the selector to where you would like the clip to be sliced. Clicking on the Slice option will cut the clip in the area you selected:

The ratio of the clip will be decided by the first clip imported into the project. You can change the crop options of videos with different aspect ratio by clicking on the clip and then clicking on the following options (if the videos aspect ratio is the same as the projects, these options will be disabled) :

You can change the clip length by entering a start time and end time or manually moving the bars on the timeline:

Made a mistake while editing? No worries! You can view your Action history and click on a previous action:

Under the Project Settings tab you can change the project name, the volume of the whole project or delete the project:

The option to remove the watermark from your projects is available to subscribers of  Outplayed Premium. Please make sure that you are logged into your Overwolf account and that the subscription is active in your Overwolf settings:

You can then remove the watermark in the Video Editor:

Editing a previously opened project

If you need to take a break while editing a project you can always come back to it later. Simply go to the Editor tab and click on the project you would like to continue editing:


Reminder: Favorite your clips in order to protect them from auto deletion.

Exporting the edited project

Once you have finished editing the project you can export it by clicking on Export video:

Once the project has been exported it will appear in your Favorites tab.

Please note that larger projects may take longer to export. Make sure not to close Outplayed until the export has finished processing!

If you have any suggestions for features you would like to see in the Video Editor you can submit your ideas and vote on ideas submitted by other users here:

Please make sure to search if your idea has already been submitted before creating a new feature request.