Where to see your clips

Once you exit the game the recording session should pop up in Outplayed. You can also view your recording sessions by clicking on the Sessions option in Outplayed:


What is storage auto manage?

In order to avoid old clips taking space on your computer Outplayed includes an auto manage feature which will automatically delete old clips. You can manage your storage auto manage settings in the Outplayed Storage settings:

Please note that the auto manage feature will not delete clips that are marked as Favorites. 

How to favorite a clip

To mark a clip as favorite simply click on the star over your clip or CTRL+D :

Once a clip is marked as favorite, you'll be able to easily find it in the Favorites tab:

Clips marked as favorite will also be protected from the auto manage feature in case you have it enabled. Outplayed will not automatically delete any clip that is marked as favorite - notice that it will be counted for the quota.

Where to find the video files

You can find the original recording files by going to the Outplayed settings and clicking on Storage:

You can also find a specific video file by clicking on the Open Folder button over the clip:

Please note that moving or editing these files will remove them from Outplayed. If you would like to edit these files we recommend making a copy of the original file.

How to import external clips into Outplayed

To import external clips into Outplayed you can press on "Import external videos" in the Favorites tab:

The clips will appear in the Favorites tab:

Please note that clips that have been imported into Outplayed will not show the game events or APM stats. This includes clips that were previously recorded on Outplayed and re-imported into Outplayed. 

Imported clips will count towards your storage space as set in the Storage Auto Manager.

Note: Only MP4 files can be imported into Outplayed.

How to create a shorter clip out of your recording

Sometimes when recording a whole session or match you will want to create a shorter clip of a certain event. Clicking on “Trim clip” will let you cut out a smaller clip from the main recording:

Once the clip is generated it will appear separately and will automatically be added to your favorites:

How to share your clips

Simply click on one of the share options above your clip:

Please note that when sharing a clip you will be asked to authorise the connection with the platform. You may also be asked to log into your Overwolf account and your account on the platform in question.

Help! I can't share my clips

If you encounter any issues please Open a Support Ticket so we can help.

How to record on Outplayed in 16:9 ratio (Remove black bars)

Go to the Outplayed Capture settings, click on "Advanced Options" and enable "Force video aspect ratio to 16:9 (stretch if needed)"

Please make sure to fully relaunch Outplayed and your game to save these changes.

Note: If you are trying to record CS:GO with these settings please open the game's settings window, click on "Set Launch Options..." and adding the following commands:

-untrusted -allow_third_party_software

Make sure to launch the game normally, not as an administrator, since that may prevent the game from launching.

What are APM Stats?

APM Stats show Actions Per Minute. We count any keyboard key pressed and every mouse button click and calculate the APM based on that. 

The Average is the match average and the All time avg. is the average across all your games.

You can view the APM Stats by clicking on the icon:

Help! Outplayed isn’t working

If you are encountering any issues with recording on Outplayed such as no clip being recorded, freezes/laggy clips or audio issues with the recording please try the troubleshooting steps in this article: Common Capture Issues