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What is an Overlay, and How do I Make it Work?

An overlay is essentially a "layer", that can be used to display windows and other elements on top of a game, and can be turned on and off according to your wants and needs, without affecting the game itself. You can read more about it right here.

In order to have Overwolf's overlay ready for use with the game that you're playing, please open up Overwolf's settings window, and make sure that:

  1. The game appears on the list
  2. The game's overlay option is enabled


Before you can start downloading apps from Overwolf's appstore, you will need to register to Overwolf. You can do that by either logging in with your existing Overwolf, Google, Facebook or Discord account, or by creating a new Overwolf account.

*Please note that some Overwolf apps may also ask you to register to their own service in order to start using them.


Overwolf's Appstore is where you'll find all the apps that Overwolf has to offer. 

You can open up the Appstore by right clicking on Overwolf's taskbar icon and choosing "Appstore" from the menu, or by clicking on the icon to bring up the dock, and clicking the box icon there.

Within the Appstore, you can browse apps by a category, like Capture & Stream, or by a specific game. Once you find an app that you would like to try, simply click on the "Install" button, and it will be added to your Overwolf!

Capture Settings 

To start capturing videos of your gameplay, please download one of the capturing apps available in our appstore. Once an app with a game or screen capture feature is installed, you will be able to access Overwolf's Capture settings.

The default capture settings are 720p and 30 FPS. If you would like to change the resolution, FPS or other capture settings, you can do so by opening Overwolf's settings window and clicking on the "Capture" tab: