Overwolf is a tech platform for in-game overlay apps, empowering independent creators to build the apps they want for the games they love. Apps can provide in-game stats, video capturing features, guides and much more - check out the Appstore for some examples.

Overwolf has been chosen by TeamSpeak to be their official overlay solution 

The Overwolf Appstore features a wide variety of killer apps created by gamers, for gamers. Our JavaScript based API allows gamers to easily develop and create apps for top games (see full list).

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What is an Overlay?

An overlay is essentially a "layer", that can be used to display windows and other elements on top of a game, and can be turned on and off according to your wants and needs, without affecting the game itself.

The biggest advantage to having the overlay enabled for a game, is not having to minimize it, or keep Alt+Tabbing out of it to check builds online, look up your opponents and so on. If you're playing League of Legends and you quickly need to check a build, you can use a simple hotkey that will bring up the app that you've downloaded for the game. Another press of the hotkey and the app will go away so you can continue playing without any interruptions. You're the shot-caller!

Overwolf's technology also allows the detection of different elements of the game in real time, so you can get personalized information specifically for the game character that you chose to play, without having to look it up manually and waste time.

Here are just a few basic examples of the options that are available with Overwolf's overlay:

  • Using capturing apps to record videos of your gameplay
  • Displaying an FPS counter in game
  • Configuring different hotkeys per app and per game
  • Web browsing

How much does it cost to use?

Like all best things in life – Overwolf is FREE!

As part of Overwolf's framework, app developers can choose to include ads in their apps for revenue. It is not obligatory, and some apps may also offer subscription plans that include ads-removal and additional premium features.

How does Overwolf work?

After installing Overwolf and the apps you want to use, starting your game will launch the apps too. You can control which apps launch automatically through the Overwolf Setting menu (right click the Overwolf tray icon and go to settings).

Once you are in game, simply use the relevant hotkey to show or hide any running apps, and use them at will. You can configure your own hotkeys in the settings window.

Which games does Overwolf support?

We support hundreds of games, and are constantly working to add more top games to the list. Check out our supported games list to learn more.

Can I develop my own App?

Absolutely! Just hop over to the Developers website, download the Overwolf SDK and start coding. If your concept is solid but you need assistance translating your vision into an app, or if the project is too big to do alone, you should talk to us about funding and supporting services - we’ll do our best to help.

Once your app is ready, let us know, and we'll publish it in the Appstore so the rest of the world can enjoy your creation!