Overwolf is a platform that allows gamers to create and use in-game apps. These apps can provide a variety of features, such as live game stats, video recording, and mod management.

Overwolf is free to use, but some apps may require a subscription fee.

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What are Overwolf apps?

An Overwolf app is a program designed to enhance the gaming experience by providing additional features and functionality in one or more games. These apps can include things like in-game overlays, recording and sharing functions, voice communication tools, and game-specific tools and statistics. Apps can be downloaded and installed through the Overwolf Appstore.

Once you have installed Overwolf and the apps you want to use, starting the game will start the apps as well. Overwolf Settings allows you to control which apps launch automatically (right-click the Overwolf tray icon and choose Settings).

Using the relevant hotkey, you can show or hide any running apps, and use them at your leisure. Hotkeys can be configured in the settings window.

What kind of apps are there?

There are various types of apps available on the Overwolf app store, which can be broadly categorized into the following categories:

  • Game-Specific Overlay

    These apps provide in-game overlays and tools that are tailored to a specific game. For example, an overlay that shows your team's location in a first-person shooter game or an app that provides real-time statistics and information about your character in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

  • Game Recording and Video Sharing

    There are apps that allow you to record and share your gameplay, such as Outplayed for example.

  • Game Utilities

    These apps provide useful tools and information to help players improve their gameplay. For example, an app that displays your ping and fps or one that helps you track your progress and achievements in a game.

  • Game statistics tracking

    These apps allow you to track your statistics and performance in games, like showing you your win rate, damage dealt and received, and more.

These are just some examples of the types of apps available on the Overwolf app store, and new apps are being developed all the time.

What can these apps do for me?

With all of these functionality options, apps can enhance your gameplay in various ways, from giving you an edge in esports, a helping hand in an MMO, or helping you capture and share some sick plays with your friends and followers online.

And, of course, if you have some basic coding knowledge and a solid idea, Overwolf apps can be your ticket to a new profitable career as an in-game creator.

Is it safe?


Apps on the overwolf platform comply with all safety and privacy laws and regulations. Before an app is uploaded to the app store, we make sure that it is functioning properly, safe to use and does not contain any inappropriate content.

How much does it cost?

Apps on the Overwolf Appstore are free (although some offer a subscription premium account as well) and meant to be enjoyed by everyone. 

So how do you make money?

Within every app, a small section at the bottom of the screen is dedicated to monetizing the app, giving the developer a chance to earn an income by allowing ads in that section. While most of the revenue goes to the developers, Overwolf keeps a small percentage, and that is how we generate revenue. 

It is important to note that Overwolf does not sell any user data! The privacy of our players is of utmost concern to us, and we make sure it is very well protected. 

Will your apps slow my computer down?

Overwolf apps are designed never to harm FPS, ping, or cause any performance issues. By providing developers with the lightest and most efficient ways to create an overlay and receive telemetry, we can make sure the games themselves are not compromised in any way, while the developers can focus on creating the best possible apps. 

Which games do you support?

We support hundreds of games, and are constantly working to add more top games to the list. Check out our supported games list to learn more.

Can I develop my own App?

You bet! Visit https://overwolf.github.io/, download the SDK, and get coding! Our funding and support services may be able to assist you if your concept is solid, but you need assistance translating it into an app, or if the project is too big to tackle by yourself.

Once your app is ready, let us know, and we'll publish it in the Appstore so the rest of the world can enjoy your creation!