Due to technical issues Overwolf is no longer supported on Windows Insider versions. This means that Overwolf's overlay will not work on systems running Windows Insider OS from the 14th of February 2021.

Overwolf supports public Windows versions only, in order to provide a stable and secure experience for our users.

Windows Insider versions are considered pre-release builds that are meant for testing, and as such, we cannot guarantee the same level of user experience for these versions that we wish to maintain.

To check if you're running a Windows Insider version or not, please open your system's settings, type in 'Windows Insider' and click on the search result:

This should take you to the Insider Program settings where you will see this screen if you are in the program:

Or this screen if you are not in the program:


We strongly advise against using the override to access apps specifically for Call of Duty: Warzone / Black Ops Cold War, and cannot guarantee the safety of your game account if you decide to go forth and apply it.

If you are absolutely certain you wish to use Overwolf with Windows Insider, you can use the following override methods, depending on whether you're installing Overwolf for the first time, or already have Overwolf installed:

Installation ▾

To install Overwolf using the override, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Command Prompt by searching the system for 'cmd', or pressing Win+R, typing 'cmd' and clicking 'OK':

  2. You can download the again Overwolf setup installer again Here
  3. Open the folder where the Overwolf installer was downloaded to, for example:

  4. Drag the installer file from the folder into the Command Prompt window you opened in step 1:

  5. Hit 'Space' and then type in -AllowWindowsInsider (you can copy and paste it instead of typing):

  6.  Hit 'Enter', and the installer should start running with the override.

Overwolf Already Installed ▾

Follow these steps to override Overwolf if it's already installed on your system:

  1. Close Overwolf (if running)
  2. Open the following directory: C:\ProgramData\Overwolf\Setup (%ProgramData%\Overwolf\Setup)

    If you cannot locate the ProgramData folder, please make sure to enable the View hidden files and folders option (in Windows 11, click the 3 dots at the top menu and select 'Options'):

  3. Locate the file called 'SetupInfo.ini'
  4. Right click the file and choose 'Edit'
  5. Under '[General]' start a new line and type in AllowInsider=True, so the result would look like this:

  6. Restart Overwolf

If you're having trouble editing or saving the file, please try the following:

  1. Run Notepad as an administrator:

    Open the file from in it (File > Open... > C:\ProgramData\Overwolf\Setup, make sure to set the file type to 'All Files'):

  2. Add Write/Modify permissions to your Windows user for the C:\ProgramData\Overwolf\Setup folder (right click the folder > Properties > Security > Edit > check 'Modify' and 'Write' > Apply > OK):