If you're experiencing any performance issues with your game, that are related to the system's FPS, CPU or memory, and you suspect it might be related to Overwolf, please have a look at the following list of causes and solutions:

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Outdated Drivers

First and foremost, it's important to make sure that your drivers are up to date. This includes your:

  • Graphics card's drivers
  • Sound drivers
  • Windows OS

If you install any drivers updates, you should restart your PC in order for the changes to be applied.

Video Capturing

If you're using any Overwolf apps that capture videos of your gameplay, it's possible that the capturing process is causing performance issues.

The process of capturing videos of your gameplay uses different system resources; RAM, CPU and GPU. These same resources are also responsible for running your game. This is why some effect on the game's FPS can be expected, but it's usually very minor and unnoticeable.

In case you're experiencing a significant effect on your game's performance, it's best to make sure that:

  • Your system meets the minimum capturing requirements
  • Your graphics card's drivers are up to date
  • You have the correct codec set in Overwolf's capture settings
  • Your encoding preset is set to "Default" or "Automatic"
  • Your FPS and resolution capturing settings are not set too high (according to your system's specs)
  • You don't have any other video capturing/streaming programs running at the same time, like OBS or Nvidia ShadowPlay

RivaTuner Statistics Server

RivaTuner Statistics Server is a software that usually comes bundled with the MSI Afterburner. It can conflict with Overwolf when both are running at the same time, and result in significant performance issues, game crashes and Overwolf crashes as well.

No worries, though - you can follow the suggested solutions in our "Overwolf and Conflicts with RivaTuner" article, to resolve the conflict and have both Overwolf and RivaTuner running at the same time without any interruptions.

Mouse Polling/Report Rate

Polling Rate (or Report Rate) is the at which data is transferring from the mouse to the system, and can be usually set up through the device's software (like Logitech G HUB, CORSAIR iCUE, Razer Synapse, etc.).

We've found that in some cases, high polling/report rates (starting from 500Hz and higher) may cause performance issues (dropping FPS, mostly) that can seem to be related to overlays in general or to Overwolf's overlay specifically.

We have found that in some cases the issue is resolved by installing the latest chipset drivers, according to your motherboard.

Minimum Requirements

We try to keep it simple, but there are some minimum requirements in order to run Overwolf properly:

  • Operating System: 
    • Minimum: Windows 10 (64-bit) / Windows 11 (64-bit)

      *Windows 7 is no longer supported. It may still work for you, but please note that we will not be able to provide support in case you encounter any issues when running Overwolf on this operating system.  
  • 350MB on your hard drive
  • In-game support: DirectX 8, DirectX 9, DirectX 11, DirectX12 and OpenGL
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • CPU:
    • Minimum: Intel or AMD quad-core CPU 
    • Recommend: Intel i3/i5/i7 Gen7 CPU or AMD Ryzen 1Gen with 3 GHz or higher frequency
  • RAM: 
    • Minimum: 8GB
    • Recommend: 16GB
If your system specs are below these requirements, it is most likely that it's not strong enough to handle Overwolf, and running it may result in performance issues.

Still having trouble? Please contact us and we will do our best to help!