Stats Royale is an app that helps you win and have more fun in the mobile game Clash Royale.
It provides the most accurate statistics and information you'd want to have in your game. This app started out as an awesome website, and now also has an official mobile app, so you can enjoy it on both iOS and Android!

What can you do with Stats Royale?

  • See your personal stats including trophies, win/loss records, etc.
  • See your upcoming chests
  • See your trophy progression
  • See your recent match history
  • See other people's match history (steal their good decks!)
  • View top players (top clans and decks coming soon!)
  • Search for any player using their tag
  • See your win rates with all the decks you've used, in any game mode (as long as you refresh your profile often!)
  • Copy decks directly to Clash Royale in-game using the new deck sharing system!
  • More features to come!

Where do I start?

  1. Go download (for free!) Stats Royale for iOS/Android
  2. Launch your Clash Royale game and copy your game tag (available in your profile) 


  3. Launch Stats Royale and paste the tag, click on 'Show Profile' and that's it!, Go wreck em'! 


Got some more questions about Stats Royale? Be sure to check out the Stats Royale FAQ!