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What is Nvidia NVENC?

NVENC is Nvidia’s hardware video encoder which is integrated into Nvidia's dedicated GPUs.
This encoder will take the role of encoding your video stream from your CPU and use your dedicated Nvidia graphics card instead. Nvidia’s NVENC was introduced with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 600 series graphics cards in March 2012.

How do I enable Nvidia NVENC?

If the option for NVENC is not enabled in Overwolf's capture setting, please make sure that you have the following:

  1. An Nvidia GeForce GTX 600 series or higher graphics card (check the next section for a guide).
  2. Recent Nvidia drivers. Please check here if your drivers are up to date.

If you do not own an Nvidia GPU that supports the NVENC encoding, this encoder will not be available to you.


How do I know if my Nvidia graphics card supports NVENC encoding?

We have found this guide to be the most accurate and helpful.

Nvidia NVENC Errors

"Disabled Nvidia device or unsupported/old"

Make sure your device is enabled through the device manager, or select a different encoder from our settings.

"Please update video card driver or change selected video encoder"

This error message is received when your driver for the selected encoder is out of date.
If you are using one of the hardware based encoders please update your drivers accordingly (check for driver updates for Nvidia GPUs here).
If you do not wish to update your drivers, you can always swap to the x264 software encoder to record at any time (note that this may affect your recording quality).

"Unknown error occurred"


Please consider changing the encoder via the Overwolf Capture Settings page:

  1. Open the Overwolf settings menu
  2. Navigate to "Capture"
  3. Click on "Advanced"
  4. Under "Encoding" select a different encoder
  5. Quick Sync > Nvidia
  6. Choose x264 if other options are unavailable

*Note - If you own an AMD GPU you can follow the same steps and choose the AMD AMF encoder instead

Please help us solve this issue by contacting our support: Overwolf Support.