This page shows the past updates of the R6 Analyst app on Overwolf, and what changed. Note that it's listed in antichronological order.

[1.7.0] - [2020-06-07]


  • R6UI Enhanced Scoreboard.

    • As an easier and more customizable replacement for the R6SB Panel Scoreboard view.

    • It also works in any gamemode, not just Ranked/Unranked.

    • Default hotkey CTRL+N.

  • R6 Map Stats Editor.

    • Edit previous rounds’ filled in, or missed, Map Stats tracking input with this new app window.

    • Default hotkey CTRL+M.

  • Multi-monitor Support.

    • There’s a second-screen experience now available, showing some of the information provided by the other features. We’ll build this out and make it more customizable in the future.


  • The Banned Operators Reminder now works in the Vulkan API version of the game!

  • Analyst window now remembers what panel you had open last.

    • Reordered panels in the menu, from most used to least.

  • Further improvements to R6SB Analysis speed.

  • Site Tracking is now optional, for the Map Stats feature.

  • Real-Time Operator Tracking is now optional, for the Operator Stats feature.

  • Settings are now split per Product Suite, to more easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • In rare cases, the match outcome was not correctly tracked by the Map Stats Tracker.

    • In rare cases, a small portion of an ad in the Analyst Panel was not clickable.

    • The W/L History Graph in the Account Statistics was broken if you had a season with only wins.

    • Switching accounts in the Analyst panel sometimes caused the Map Stats to appear for the wrong account.

    • Various small text improvements/typo fixes.


  • -

[1.6.5] - [2020-05-21]



  • Fixed R6 Smart Ban analysis speed, which slowed significantly since Ubisoft server-side update issue.

[1.6.4] - [2020-05-21]



  • Fixed R6 Map Stats, which broke due to a Ubisoft server-sided update.

  • Fixed R6 Smart Ban, which also broke due to the same Ubisoft server-sided update.

  • R6 Map Stats’ Analyst panel’s Map vs Map Win% graph labels ATK/DEF were inverted.

[1.6.3] - [2020-05-18]



  • Fixed issue with the Map Stats Tracking where the Site/Operator Selection window bugged out when you didn't select a side (ATK/DEF) fast enough when going into Overtime.

[1.6.2] - [2020-05-15]



  • Fixed small bugs that arose during preliminary rollout of v1.6.0

[1.6.0] - [2020-05-15]


  • R6 Map Stats tracking.

  • Optional K/D, Win%, and HS% stats added to the R6SB Panel Scoreboard.


  • App structure and visuals altered to split features into a suite of products:

    • R6 Smart Ban

    • R6 Map Stats

    • R6 Operator Stats

    • R6 UI Enhancements

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Operator icons were cut off when they were at the top of graphs.

    • Fixed Gridlock’s icon which, ironically, was too small.

    • Issues with certain race conditions in Analyst panel.

  • Cleaned up the code in the background significantly, for improved stability and speed.

  • Clicking ‘minimize’ now only minimizes the active window.

  • Clicking ‘close’ in-game now just closes the current window, not asking to shutdown the app completely.

  • Operator Performance graphs now have a dynamic Y axis for improved graph readability.


  • -

[1.5.3] - [2020-05-13]



  • Fixed a bug that caused connections to the new backend system to, sporadically, be refused.

[1.5.2] - [2020-05-10]



  • Moved backend systems to a more robust, responsive and adaptable infrastructure, to solve the slow analysis speed caused by a large influx of new users, and to avoid similar issues in the future.

[1.5.1] - [2020-05-07]



  • Fixed issue regarding requiring Overwolf Game Summary to be installed, when this was unnecessary.

  • Fixed issue with the user’s default browser opening from in-game, alt-tabbing the player out.

[1.5.0] - [2020-05-05]


  • K/D stats for Ranked and Quick Match in Analyst panel.

  • MMR, W/L, and K/D history graphs in Analyst panel.

  • Improved error reporting for Analyst panel issues.

  • Support for all resolutions and aspect ratios for Banned Operator- and Current Gamemode Reminders.


  • Analyst Panel:

    • Much faster load times.

    • Changed default screen to the Operator Performance screen.

    • Renamed Overview to Account Statistics.

    • Renamed Casual to Quick Match.

    • Improved Current Rank visuals.

    • Various bug fixes, including:

      • Question marks showing instead of zero when a stat was ‘0’. E.g. ‘0 Blind Kills’ showed as ‘? Blind Kills’.

      • Several issues with data parsing resolved.

      • Sometimes the wrong Rank icon was shown for seasons before Phantom Sight.

  • Improved Smart Ban Analysis speed.

  • Dock button icon changed to fit neatly in the circular button of the Overwolf dock.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • In rare cases, IQ was suggested as an extremely strong ban, whilst in reality this was incorrect.

    • In rare cases, the R6 Smart Ban analysis didn’t trigger automatically, and would have to be manually triggered.

    • When exiting another Overwolf-supported game, R6 Analyst would pop-up unintended.


  • Distance Travelled statistic removed from Analyst panel, as its information as provided by Ubisoft is very unreliable.

  • Hostage Rescued and DBNO Assists removed from Analyst panel as they are currently unavailable.

[1.4.0] - [2020-04-27]

First public release


  • Added a notification for “not enough data” if the user hasn’t played in the last week or more.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analyst panel would not function correctly when user had never played a Ranked match before.

[1.3.0] - [2020-04-27]

4th Bèta release


  • Analyst panel

    • An ‘after-action’ report with a lot of statistics and information regarding your account(s).


  • Name changed:

    • Based on feedback from Beta testers, a conversation with Overwolf, and our own future plans, we've decided to expand the app's scope beyond 'just' the Banning Phase. To make the name future-proof, we've rebranded to R6 Analyst.

  • Startup behaviour changed:

    • App appears in-game upon game load again (prerequisite for ads on Overwolf

  • Added window bars at the top of Desktop and Settings panels, to indicate more clearly they are draggable.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Clicking a link in an in-game window alt-tabbed you out to the default browser. It now opens the in-game OW browser

    • Clicking the OW dock icon for the app, whilst the app is already running minimized, doesn’t open the app.

[1.2.0] - [2020-04-12]

3rd Bèta release


  • -


  • Startup behaviour changed:

    • App no longer appears in-game upon game load. Only when a match starts, or when you press the hotkey (default: Ctrl+B)

    • App now appears in-game when you start app and game is already running (previously started minimized).

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analysis not always reliably starting automatically when match starts.

    • In-game window sometimes wouldn’t appear using Hotkey.

  • Default settings changed:

    • Banned Operators Element is now OFF by default.

    • Current Gamemode Reminder is now OFF by default.

    • This is to avoid confusion, since users aren’t reading the instructions.

[1.1.0] - 2020-04-10

2nd Bèta release


  • User Indicator showing when players are using R6 Smart Ban 

  • Additional/improved reporting

  • Link to Knowledge Base in Help section

  • Version checking prompting user to restart if update is available


  • Default ‘Team Flexibility’ value from 85% to 65% based on Bèta feedback

  • Some of the wording of explanations in the Settings

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Some quirks in R6SB scoring when only very recent Operator data was used

    • The R6SB graph sometimes was inverted (wrong team per axis)

    • Back-end stability improvements

    • Fix for Banned Operators Reminder not appearing

  • Moved Changelog to

[1.0.0] - 2020-04-06

1st Bèta release


  • Small note regarding screen resolution and aspect-ratio for Banned Operator- and Current Gamemode Reminder features.

  • Improved error reporting


  • Internal file structure

[0.8.0] - 2020-04-03 - [INTERNAL]


  • First Time User Experience (FTUE) explanation of app.

  • Tutorial video link in header modal.


  • Massive back-end changes for much faster and more accurate banning analysis

[0.7.0] - 2020-03-27 - [INTERNAL]


  • Current Gamemode Reminder added to TAB.

  • Better user-sided error reporting.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Slow analysis time

    • Ubisoft API changes broke the system

[0.6.0] - 2020-03-19 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page addition:

    • Ignored Operators (never suggested as Smartor Target Bans).

  • Notice that Banned Operator Reminder does not work on Vulkan version.


  • Manner in which data is exchanged with the server, for improved speed.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Left-sided hover on Smart Bans not always showing up

    • 'Calculating Smart Bans' layout issues

    • Default Banned Operators Reminder toggle was visually set to Off incorrectly

  • Improved default settings save-handling

[0.5.0] - 2020-03-15 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page addition:

    • MMR Datacenter choice.

  • Best MMR reached last season.

  • Team Average stats for Smart- and Target Ban suggestions.

  • Service-status check with Overwolf with notification to user if there are issues.


  • Manner in which data is exchanged with the server, for improved longevity.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Improved MMR handling for people that haven't finished placements yet

[0.4.0] - 2020-03-10 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page, including:

    • Banned Operators Reminder on/off.

    • Custom Games on/off (Experimental feature).

    • R6SB Weighing basis (Presence and/or MMR and/or KD) (Premium feature).

    • Team Flexibility Variable (Premium feature).

  • Oryx and Iana, the Y5S1 operators.

  • 400x300 video ads integration.

  • Manual analysis trigger button.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analysis was still not always reliably triggered.

  • Widget and panel size, to accomodate 400x300 video ads.

  • Grid framework loading, for improved ad positioning.


  • Various, now excessive, debug logging.

  • Some unused image assets (to reduce OPK size)

[0.3.5] - 2020-03-07 - [INTERNAL]


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Widget no longer shows up unnecessarily at the end of a match.

    • Analysis was not always reliably triggered based on flawed in-game event/info handling.

    • Banned Operator Reminder element was not correctly created.

    • Tab hotkey for Banned Operator Reminder element caused the in-game scoreboard to not show up.

  • Improved visuals for the Banned Operator Reminder element.

  • Improved visuals for the Desktop, Widget, and Panel elements.


  • References to 'Overwolf Sample App', which the framework is based on.

[0.3.0] - 2020-03-04 - [INTERNAL]


  • Banned Operator Reminder element, which shows up when holding Tab.


  • Various bug fixes, mostly to do with in-game event/info handling.

[0.2.0] - 2020-03-01 - [INTERNAL]


  • In-app feedback form (accessible from the header).


  • Various bug fixes, mostly to do with in-game event/info handling.

[0.1.0] - 2020-02-27 - [INTERNAL]

First internal version.


  • Core functionality.