I’m starting a match, and the R6 Analyst app is not appearing.

Are you starting a Ranked or Unranked match? R6 Analyst does not appear for Quick Match, Newcomer, or any Event or Arcade playlist matches, as there is no Banning Phase in these matches.

Make sure that Overwolf, and the R6 Analyst app are running in the background (minimized). If so, try pressing CTRL+B in-game. Is the app appearing on screen? Then click the small ‘Trigger manual analysis’ button to see if that shows you the recommended Smart Bans.

The R6 Analyst app is not working in Custom games.

You’ll need to enable analysis of Custom games in the Settings of the R6 Analyst app. Click the small cogwheel icon in the top right of the Desktop- or In-Game Widget to do so.

Analysis of Custom games is not officially supported, and may not work 100% correctly. Functions should be relatively stable, but some quirks with the lobby and matchmaking may create issues with regards to what players are on what team.

The Banned Operators Reminder is not showing up.

At this moment, this feature is not available in the Vulkan Graphics API version of the game. Make sure you are running the DirectX11 version of the game if you want to make use of this feature.


The Operator statistics for my account are not accurate, I’m sure of it!

We pull the data from the official Ubisoft API. Sometimes that has some quirks, but it is almost always extremely accurate.

Note that the data starts off using your overall Operator use data, spread across your entire Siege career. It could be you never play Dokkaebi anymore, but did play her a significant amount 6 months ago. She could still be one of your top-played Operators.

After running the app for at least a week, you’ll note we track your Operator use much more accurately, and only show your more recent (and thus currently accurate) Operator use statistics. As more people use the app, our Operator use database will become more-and-more accurate over time.

Some of the graphs in the Analyst panel are empty/missing data.

The graphs are based on data we have tracked, while you were using the app. They will populate slowly over time, as you use the app for longer. Also, make sure you have the correct account, timeframe, and Operators selected in the filters!

Something else is not working/I’m getting error messages.

Sorry to hear that! Take a look at our Twitter or Discord to see if we’re aware of current issues, and working on a fix. If not, please get in contact and let us know about this! We’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.