Here you’ll find answers to the common questions faced by most Infinite Album users.

What does Infinite Album do? 

Infinite Album creates an infinite stream of music that dynamically adapts to the game you’re playing.

What games does Infinite Album support?

Any game you like, if you’re looking for an infinite stream of music. However, Infinite Album’s game-reactive mappings rely on Overwolf’s API, and are currently only available for the following games:

  • CS:GO
  • Dota2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG
  • Apex Legends
  • Valorant
  • World of Tanks

What is a “Vibe”?

A Vibe is an infinite song that is generated with a particular style and a specific starting emotion. It is repeatable - so it will always start with the same music and then iterate and evolve the longer it plays. You can create your own Vibe in a few clicks and  use the “Regenerate” button (through the Create Vibe screen) until you find the one you love. This lets you create your own custom sound for your stream and also create and save Vibes for specific types of streams, different games, or even different sections of your stream (such as a brb screen). 

What is a “mapping”?

A mapping tells Infinite Album how to change the state of the music (that’s the emotion and style), based on what’s happening in your game. For example, a mapping might tell Infinite Album to switch to excited music every time your hero kills an enemy. A mapping must be enabled on the currently-playing Vibe for it to be active. You can enable mappings through the Edit Vibe or Create Vibe actions. Pwning never sounded so sweet.

Can I build my own mappings?

Yes! Just head to the Mappings tab (via the left-side navigation bar) and you can see what events are available for all our supported games, and then map them to musical changes! 

What is a “style”?

Not just something your Fortnite avatar has in spades. An Infinite Album style is similar to a microgenre: an arrangement of instruments and a way of playing those instruments. When you change a style, you’re changing the overall flavor of the music. Some styles differ more than others — try a few and choose the ones that fit you like your own  Ironman suit.

How do I tell Infinite Album to generate music that responds to the game I’m playing?

A Mapping must be activated and saved on your current Vibe. If you want to add a Mapping to a Vibe, right-click on the Vibe to go to the Edit Vibe screen, then scroll down to the Mappings section and choose a mapping that supports your game. To be sure that a mapping supports a game, double check that the game’s title appears under “Supported Games”. Now you’ve hooked up Infinite Album to the game. Be one with the music!

How does Infinite Album generate the music?

In some secret underground bunker with a mad-scientist behind a keyboard. Actually, Infinite Album uses an AI music engine to generate the music in real time, completely from scratch. We use a number of different AI techniques to compose, perform and render the music on the fly. We love to think we’re turning our AI into our very own Hans Zimmer meets Koji Kondo meets a newer version of Depeche Mode.

How can I get support and give you guys feedback?

Just join the Infinite Album Discord. We’d love to hear what you think about Infinite Album.  

Can I use Infinite Album in my streams?

Yes; forever and ever and ever.