Powered by an AI brain, Infinite Album creates an infinite stream of custom music, tailor-made for your gameplay. It dynamically adjusts to the game’s context, meaning your come-from-behind victories and close encounters of a brutal kind get their own uniquely glorious soundtrack. 

For Twitch streamers, it’s an infinite source of custom, copyright-free music. And on top of that, we have a Twitch extension so your audience can engage directly with the music of your stream!

What can you do with Infinite Album?

  • Enjoy an infinite stream of music that automatically changes its emotion, based on your gameplay.
  • Create new, unique, infinite songs (called Vibes) with one click. Save the ones you love.
  • Set the types of musical interactions your viewers can trigger using our Twitch Extension and the amount of Bits or channel points needed, so they can interact with the music while you’re streaming.
  • Assign how the music reacts to real-time game events with our game event mappings.
  • Create your own custom game event mappings.