What is the PC Games News app?

It’s an app for Overwolf that delivers the latest news on your favourite titles as well as relevant in-game updates while you play. It’s free and available to all users, but the app offers second-screen functionality, making it perfect for people with dual screens. 

How often does the content update?

The app updates in real-time whenever relevant new content is published on PCGamesN. 

The app doesn’t show any news about the game I’m playing? 

It may be that we just haven’t covered your game recently. Let us know via the in-app feedback button if you think there’s a gap in our coverage! 

I think there’s a mistake because there should be news about this game…

Let us know if something doesn’t look right, and we’ll put our code ninjas on the case. 

There’s no news about anything in the app

It could be a connectivity problem, at either your side or ours. Please check your Internet connection.  

The app doesn’t launch with Overwolf

Open the app and head to the settings. You can select ‘Auto-launch’ there. 

Who makes the app?

The PC Games News app is made by Network N. We also publish PCGamesN, The Loadout, Pocket Tactics, Wargamer, The Digital Fix, and PCGameBenchmark. 

I've got an idea/issue, how can I send feedback?

You can send us your questions, concerns, and ideas via the feedback button on the app.