When installing Overwolf or an Overwolf app you may come across the following issues:

  • The installation file is finished downloading but it's missing from your 'Downloads' folder
    This usually means an antivirus or a download manager software are automatically deleting it. When clicking the file to run it, you may notice that the browser's download bar or page says the file is either 'Removed' or 'Failed - Download error'. For example:

  • You run the file and authorize the UAC (User Account Control) message, but nothing happens afterwards

Both of these issues can be caused by an antivirus software, particularly SAntivirus / Segurazo. In some cases, it may even be installed on your system without your knowledge

To resolve the issue you can temporarily disable SAntivirus/Segurazo or uninstall it. The following guides explain the uninstallation steps:

There is also a video guide: How to completely uninstall SAntivirus from Windows 10 pc/laptop