What happened?

CurseForge and Overwolf have joined forces! You can read more about the announcement and the implications here.

Why is my name on Curseforge "ForgeUserXXXXX"?

This means that you did not provide consent to transfer your information from Twitch to Overwolf, and thus your CurseForge profile was un-linked from the personal information properties (username, email, avatar).
In order to gain access to this account please contact our support team - support.curseforge.com

When you contact us, please provide the Twitch username and CurseForge username you'd like us to link. 

The owner of my project didn't migrate, and the project I am maintaining/contributing to appears as abandoned. What can I do?

Project team member permissions as well as any other internal conflicts are to be addressed and resolved by the project owner.
However, if the owner did not migrate, the project will appear as abandoned and the members will be restricted from making changes.

In this case, we request the team members open a ticket and actions will be taken on a case by case basis. Please provide details and attempt to contact the author and request his approval to transfer ownership prior to opening the ticket and attach the consent, so that we can hasten the processing of your request.