Profiles are a collection of properties required to launch a custom modded instance of Minecraft (Java Edition).
This includes the modloader, some configs and of course - mods!

Want to share your custom profile? You can send the file to a friend by using the Export feature and even earn money through your awesome creation by submitting it to CurseForge!

You can create profiles in CurseForge in one of two different options which we will cover in this article.

In both cases you will need the CurseForge App.


'Create Custom Profile' Button (through the CurseForge App)

Creating custom profiles is quick and easy! All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Minecraft section in the app:

  2. Press the 'Create Custom Profile' button:

  3. Name your new profile, select a Minecraft version and modloader version:

  4. Open the 'My Modpacks' section and click on your new modpack:

  5. Click 'Add More Content':

  6. Install your preferred mods, resources packs and maps:

That's it! Now you can go ahead and press 'Play':

Download a Mod into a New Profile (through the CurseForge website)

Another option to create a profile (or add mods into an existing profile) is through the website. In this case you can search, filter and browse until you find a mod you would like to play.

This is a great way to play a single mod, or for people that prefer using the website to explore and find exciting content.

  1. Download the mod using the deeplink 'Install' button:

  2. The CurseForge app will launch and load the following screen. Here you can choose if you would like to create a new profile for the desired mod, or to add it to an existing profile:

    Note - we will detect the game version and modloader type of the mod you chose for you and set the required properties for the profile creation.

  3.  You will also be requested to choose a name for your creation and can even choose a custom project avatar! When you're ready, just click 'Create':

  4. If you wish to change the game's version and/or the modloader's type or version, you can click 'Advanced'. Please note:

    1. Only options that are compatible with the mod will be available for you to choose from.
    2. The 'Advanced' section is recommended for advanced users, so if you're unsure about the parameters it would be best to stick with the app's automatic selection.

  5. Your Profile will be created and the mod will be added. You can continue adding mods to the same profile in this method (coming soon), or add them through the 'Add More Content' option in the app: