At the moment, the app is still in its Beta phase, which means that there are certain issues and bugs that you may be experiencing, but thanks to you and the community of CurseForge, we are now on our way to solving them.
Don't forget that some issues are not bugs, but rather features waiting to be developed. You can follow those in our Roadmap Board.
This is a list of the most common ones:

General ▾

  1. CurseForge Account transfer issues 
    Make sure you checked out the account migration flow first. If the issues persists, please contact us with your CurseForge username, Twitch username and email so we can check the issue.
  2. I cannot login with a Twitch account because...
    If you have VPN service enabled, try disabling it, and log in again.
    At the moment that is the only log-in option available, but we are working on additional SSO logins (e.g. Google login, Overwolf, etc.) that will be implemented in the future.
  3. "An exception occurred during a webclient request"
    Try restarting the application. If this persists, it usually indicates a slow internet connection. Try closing other network draining applications, or using the service at another time when the bandwidth is not under heavy load.
  4. Search isn't working as expected / Forge/Fabric cannot be filtered
    We know and we will improve it :) You can see what else we have planned in our Roadmap Board.
  5. I was contacted by a user claiming to be a CurseForge member - how can I check if this user is legit?
    Overwolf and CurseForge employees will never ask for your password. If you were approached by one of the members you can verify their credibility by going to their user page and see if they have the 'Admin' or 'Support' tag next to their names.
    On Discord - you can verify if the user has the Overwolf staff role.
  6. What's going on with the new CurseForge API?
    A new, fully documented API will be published in the upcoming months. Follow the updated in our Roadmap Board.

Installation ▾

  1. The Overwolf/CurseForge installer does not launch (Windows OS)
    Please make sure to enable the .NET Framework 3.5 feature or download the setup installer instead.
  2. The Overwolf/CurseForge installer does not work properly
    Please make sure that Overwolf is not blocked (and is whitelisted) by your Anti-virus/Firewall. Please visit our Overwolf Installation error article for further details and solutions.

Authors ▾

  1. I created a cool addon for a game that doesn't appear in CurseForge, what can I do?
    That's awesome! Fill out this simple form and if the game allows modding we'll add it to the website (and in some cases support it on the CurseForge app as well). 
  2. My project and files were approved, they appear in the website but not in the app.
    Please make sure you have at least one Release file type and that the project is not set to Experimental. You are also required to tag a mod for at least one modloader (Minecraft), and an addon for at least one game version type (World of Warcraft and other games).
    If you checked and everything was set correctly, open a ticket and we'll help you. 
  3. MacOS - My Project appears in the website when filtering by 'last updated', but not in the app.
    If you zip your projects for submissions using Mac compressing tool, your project will include Mac folders. Your project won't be rejected, but it won't sync to the app. We recommend using other Zipping methods or manually removing 'DS_Store' and '__MACOSX' folders.
  4. My PayPal payment transaction was cancelled - what happened?
    This happens when your account was not confirmed at the time the payment was sent from CurseForge.
    Please make sure you confirmed the account before placing your order to avoid this.
    Additionally, we are aware that PayPal Russia and Turkey have additional restrictions and limitations. If you are from these countries we suggest you consider redeeming points using Amazon Gift Cards.
  5. Why is there a fluctuation in the daily point distribution?
    Learn more about the Reward Program in the dedicated article.
  6. I encountered 2FA issues while placing an order in the store/I can't see a confirmation button in the store.
    Please review our 2FA troubleshooting article.
  7. "You do not have permission to access this page" / Upload Files and Images buttons missing
    Update for WoW authors - we are aware of a specific issue for projects that were originally created on WowAce website. We are planning to change the database connectivity to the CurseForge website backend which should then allow both repo-updates as well as manual file uploads which are currently missing.
    If you are experiencing a permission issue with managing your project, you or the project owner might need to click 'Refresh permissions' in the member management tab of the project. If you are the Owner of the project, contact our support with your project link and we will help you sort it!

  8. My Serverpack project/update keeps getting rejected
    We are working on improving the processors for serverpacks. If you encounter an issue please open a ticket, attach a link to your file on CurseForge for us to review and the rejection message you received.

  9. 'There was an error processing your file!' rejection message
    This mostly occurs when the file or one of its sub folders includes a special character. Review your file and remove any non-English or numerical characters and re-submit.

  10. My modpack was rejected because some of the mods incorrectly appear under the 'overrides' folder instead of being referenced in the manifest file
    A workaround is by cutting (Ctrl+X) the 'override' mods into a temporary folder, refreshing the app, and then copying the mods back from the temporary folder. Refresh the app again and export your profile to submit it again into CurseForge.
    Note - this issue is only relevant in case you wish to export and upload the project to CurseForge. The profile can be imported and played without any changes required.

  11. Addons do not appear in the app when submitting through the API
    This is sometimes caused when the addon was submitted using API.
    You can validate this is the case by searching for the addon using the project ID available in the right info box on the addon's webpage. If you can locate the project but the game version is missing please contact support.
    For Minecraft Modpacks specifically - this can also occur if your modpack included a mod file that was removed from CurseForge.
  12. Kerbal Space Program mods doesn't launch properly (Folder Structure issue)
    CurseForge requires a specific folder structure to properly display and work for the end users. While we will not fail your file for uploading 'incorrectly' - we recommend uploading your files in the following format:
    C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\YourModFolderHere
    Emphasis is that you should not include an additional GameData folder inside your submission folder file.
  13. The Text Editors aren't showing the texts as I set them (Description, Change Log, Pages etc.)
    We are aware that the WYSIWYG and Markdown text editor options aren't ideal. We plan on replacing the text editor plugins in the future.
    Some formatting issues are resolved by switching to Markdown and back to WYSIWYG option.
  14. Project members can be added without the members confirmation 
    This is considered abuse and harassment. We will improve the UX/UI for adding members in the website overhaul. In the meantime, if you are added involuntarily to a project please open a ticket and include the project link. Even if you leave the project our team can still review the project membership history to confirm and take required actions against the abuser.
  15. Incorrect game version in the project page
    We are aware that the game version property in the project page currently defaults by latest version and not the authored preferable version. We will look at different solutions for this later on.
  16. I know Multi-TOC support is here, but how do I properly set up my project to support all game instances?
    We're working on an article to cover this step by step.

Minecraft ▾

  1. "Path can only include English letters and numbers" issues 
    This message is incorrectly displayed in cases of connectivity issues. Please open a support ticket.
  2. "Could not verify Minecraft version" error when launching a modpack offline
    The CurseForge app does not support offline play at the moment.
  3. "Java Runtime Environment is missing or out of date"
    Please install or update your Java Runtime version. For more information, please visit here.
  4. Certain mods include incompatible version dependencies (e.g. 1.17 mod that installs a 1.16.5 dependency)
    The mod author needs to re-set the dependency to include the relevant version once it becomes available.
    In the future we plan to indicate this for you.
    As a workaround, if the Modpack doesn't run for you, you might be able to toggle off the specific mods with the issue.
  5. I need help setting up/running server-packs
    We recommend reaching out to the community or server hosting supplier for help and instructions.
  6. I'm having issues logging in to Microsoft version of Minecraft through the CurseForge launcher.
    Try repairing the installation.
  7. There's a new Minecraft Launcher from Microsoft Store, but CurseForge runs the old launcher. How should I play my modpacks?
    Currently you can simply launch from the CurseForge app and dismiss the pop-up. Support for the new launcher is planned as well.


  1. WoW Addons files are missing in the client

    We are aware that there is a incorrect handling of file properties resulting in files missing from addons.

    If you suspect this is the case, please open a ticket or reach out in Discord and share a link to the file page on the CurseForge website.

  2. My Classic/BCC addons appear as corrupt
    See our guide explains the issue and the workaround.
  3. My addons incorrectly appear as modified
    This has to do with the way we detect your addons and verify them against the server version.
    Note - modified files should still load correctly in-game, you can read more about this here.
  4. Sync feature
    Sync feature is meant for syncing your addons between multiple devices, and not as a backup. You need to be logged in in both devices to use the feature.
    Note - your addon saved variables do not sync.

Other Games ▾

  1. Why can't I find all the games available in the website on the CurseForge Client?
    We are looking to add more game support in the future. This also depends on the games specific modding file structures.
  2. CurseForge app does not support Microsoft Store games
    These game versions are slightly different in file structure and are not yet supported by Overwolf client which is required for CurseForge. We are working on this.
  3. Stardew Valley cannot be detected (Windows users)
    You will need to download and install SMAPI and then relaunch CurseForge in order for the game to be properly detected. For MacOS users we are working on adding app support for the game.
  4. Kerbal Space Program incorrect file structure
    See authors section.
  5. How do Among Us mods work?

    We wrote an article for this, and most of the mods have specific instructions.

  6. Surviving Mars cannot be detected
    This can happen if you installed the game through Microsoft Store. We are working on a fix!
    *We may have a workaround, please contact us for more information.
  7. Kerbal Space Program / Surviving Mars are not detected on MacOS
    Use the manual option in the settings tab to add these games. 

If you wish to report an issue that is not listed here, please open a ticket describing the issue in as much detail as you can (including logs and relevant screenshots). Otherwise, you can report the issue or share your general feedback in the CurseForge Ideas site.

Thank you for your understanding and contribution to the new CurseForge app :)
Overwolf Support