We are excited to have you join us!

At the moment, the app is still in its Beta phase, which means that there are certain issues and bugs that you may be experiencing, but thanks to you and the community of CurseForge, we are now on our way to solving them.
This is a list of the most common ones:


  1. The Overwolf/CurseForge installer does not launch (Windows OS)
    Please make sure to enable the .NET Framework 3.5 feature or try the setup installer instead.
  2. The Overwolf/CurseForge installer does not work properly
    Please make sure that Overwolf is not blocked (and is whitelisted) by your Anti-virus/Firewall.
  3. Missing language/translations
    The localization feature will be added in the app's upcoming versions.
  4. CurseForge appears blurry/green/botched
    Please try this solution
  5. Newly approved project is available on the website but not in the app
    There is a certain delay from the time a new project (mod, addon, etc.) is available on the website and until it's available in the app. Please allow at least 24 hours before opening a ticket.
  6. CurseForge Account transfer issues 
    Make sure you checked out the account migration flow first. If the issues persists, please contact us with your CurseForge username, Twitch username and email so we can check the issue.
  7. Approved projects not appearing in website search
    We are working on a fix. Workaround - change the sorting menu from 'Popularity' to a different category, such as 'Total Downloads'.
  8. Project Logos appear in the 'Screenshots' section

    We are working on a fix.

  9. 'You do not have permission to view this page' / Upload Files and Images buttons missing
    You are experiencing a permission issue with managing your project, you or the project owner might need to click 'Refresh permissions' in the member management tab of the project. If you are the Owner of the project, contact our support with your project link.

  10. "an exception occurred during a webclient request"
    This usually indicated a slow internet connection. Try closing other network draining applications, or another time when the bandwidth is not under heavy load.


  1. "The system cannot find the file specified"/"Failed to download file" error
    Please check out this solution first. If it didn't help, try installing the required Forge version.
  2. "The specified path, file name... or both are too long" error - As a workaround solution please change your modding directory and make sure not to choose a folder located under your OneDrive directory. We are working on a fix!
  3. Trouble launching a custom profile
    You can ask for help from the Minecraft community in the official CurseForge Discord Server. Check out our article as well for extra tips!
  4. Some mods are missing from modpack/profile
    If you've added mods manually to a modpack's or profile's folder, the CurseForge app will not be able to detect and display them properly. Please install the mods through the app itself.
  5. "Could not verify Minecraft version" error when launching a modpack offline
    The CurseForge app does not support offline play at the moment.
    If you are trying to launch modpacks normally (not offline) and are still receiving this error - please contact us.
  6. "Java Runtime Environment is missing or out of date"
    Please install or update your Java Runtime version. For more information, please visit here.
  7. Minecraft is missing sounds
    If the game is loaded but there is no sounds, please press F3+T to reload the game's assets, which should solve the issue. 


  1. Packager not working
    This includes both the SVN-Repos and Git. We are also aware of committing errors.
    We are looking into this and will update when we have resolved this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. Can't add WoW to the app (macOS users)
    Please make sure to choose the game's directory (_retail_ / _classic_) and not the game file itself.

Other Games

  1. Stardew Valley cannot be detected
    You will need to download and install SMAPI and then relaunch CurseForge in order for the game to be properly detected.
  2. Surviving Mars cannot be detected
    This can happen if you installed the game through Steam. We are working on a fix!
  3. Kerbal Space Program cannot be detected
    This can happen if you installed the game through Steam. We are working on a fix!
  4. Kerbal Space Program incorrect file structure
    GameData folder is currently incorrectly generated, we are working on this.

If you wish to report an issue that is not listed here, please open a ticket describing the issue in as much detail as you can (including logs and relevant screenshots). Otherwise, you can report the issue or share your general feedback in the CurseForge Ideas site.

Thank you for your understanding and contribution to the new CurseForge app :)
Overwolf Support