What is the Premium Plan?

LoR Guardian Premium Option is meant for users who wish to support us, as we do this project as our main job. So far the only small earning we had came from the Ads which many users preferred to remove.

This Premium subscription isn't just an Ad-free feature so Be Prepared!

Premium Benefits

Except for our huge thanks for your support! you will also get exclusive features:

  • No more ads!

  • Customized Avatar and background picture - You will be able to choose an avatar and background that will be presented on your profile.

  • Meta Mulligan Guide - On our weekly meta page you will be able to see mulligan analytics for each of the decks.

    The data will include the best cards to keep in hand for each deck (calculated with our data) and the drop rate of other players for each card.

    With this feature, you will be able to learn and play better with the top decks!

  • Leaderboard Perks - You will be presented in the leaderboard with your customized background and avatar.

  • Discord Honor Color - You will get access to the premium channel and your Discord display name will be golden!

And that's not all! We will keep adding premium features all the time!

Have any questions? Contact us on Discord