We have been recently receiving reports from users who were notified by their anti-virus software (Kaspersky, Norton 360, etc.) that an Overwolf process, named "OverwolfBrowser.exe", is trying to access their webcam. This is a general process name for any Overwolf app that is currently running, and you may see this notification when using apps that include webcam features (for example, in Medal.TV or Outplayed you may choose to add a webcam image to your edited video).

If you've come across such a notification and you are not using any app that includes webcam features - please note that it is just a false-positive detection and Overwolf does not have any reason to try to access your webcam.
The detection is most likely related to the Chromium-based browser that Overwolf utilizes, as this issue has also been reported with Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers (click here to see an example).

We have been reaching out the relevant anti-virus service providers to notify them of these false-positive detections, and are anticipating their further action.

Thank you!