What is the CS:GO Trusted Mode?

On July 8th, 2020, Valve have updated CS:GO and added the new "Trusted Mode", which blocks third-party software, like OBS, Discord, Spotify and others, from interacting with the game. 

How does the Trusted Mode affect Overwolf apps?

As of this moment, Overwolf itself and all Overwolf apps that support CS:GO will not launch automatically when you enter the game and you will not be able to launch them from within the game manually.

What can I do to make Overwolf apps work?

Valve have included a workaround to allow CS:GO players to use third-party software by opening the game's settings window, clicking on "Set Launch Options..." and adding the following commands:

 -untrusted -allow_third_party_software

Make sure to launch the game normally, not as an administrator, since that may prevent the game from launching.

Having game performance issues?

The workaround mentioned above should fix the performance issues for you.

Please note that using this workaround may affect your CS:GO Trust score and the quality of your matches.