The R6 Operator Stats feature is used outside of the game, whenever you take a moment to reflect upon your in-game performance. This article will show you how to make the most out of R6 Operator Stats step-by-step!


When R6 Operator Stats is enabled, it will automatically track your performance per Operator. However, to get even more detailed information, with performance data per Map/Objective Site, make sure to have R6 Map Stats enabled, and enable “Track Real-time Operator Data” in the Settings menu.

When done so, it will automatically pop up during every Operator Selection Phase to ask what Operator you selected.

You can press the hotkey (default: CTRL+M) to open a Map Stats tracking screen, where you can input the information as well, if needed. For instance, if you switched Operators last-second.

Out of Game

The usefulness of R6 Operator Stats becomes apparent once you leave the game. When exiting Rainbow Six: Siege, the Analyst Panel will automatically open. Click the “Operator Performance” or “Operator History” buttons in the menu on the left to open the relevant section.

The two Operator-related panels showcase a wide variety of data tracked by R6 Operator Stats, and holds valuable information that you can use to improve in Siege!

Use the menu on the left to switch toggle individual Operators. With so many Operators in the game already, it’s a bit messy to have all Operators in all the graphs. Best to select your top 10 or top 20 used Operators, and/or whichever Operator you want to focus on right now.

Operator Performance

The Operator Performance page in the Analyst panel shows your performance per Operator in comparison to other Operators. Use the links at the top to view data from the past Day, Week, or Month, or to view all data since you started playing Siege.

By default the graphs show you the total number of Kills, Wins, and Minutes played per Operator. The Operators are sorted from most to least in the graph.

You can toggle the graph to be shown “per round”, which shows your effectiveness with each Operator.

The best way to use this data is to find Operators at the left-side of the graph, that are noticeably low compared to their neighbours. These are Operators that you are underperforming on. Consider playing them less, or researching how to use them more effectively.

Operator History

The Operator History page in the Analyst panel shows your performance per Operator in recent matches. The links at the top allow you to switch between a “Granular” and an “Overall” view.

The Granular view shows you your performance for the selected Operators, for each day that you used the R6 Analyst App. It’s a great way to compare your performance over the past week with your performance from three weeks ago, if you changed your approach in using the Operator recently. It can also show you trends of which Operators you used when, over the course of your ‘career’ in Siege.

The Overall view shows the moving average per Operator, as you play them more. It takes into account every round you ever played with this Operator, and the statistics move slowly over time, as you add new data by playing.

Thanks for using R6 Analyst’s R6 Operator Stats!

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