Tip Genius is your artificially intelligent coach for CSGO. The app provides you with relevant live tips and strategies while you play so you can more effectively improve your game and rank up.  

How does the app work?

Your client application tracks your in-game scenario and, either between rounds or on your command, queries our crowd sourced database of 1000+ scenario-tip relations in search of relevant tips. If a match is found, it's presented to you via an unintrusive overlay.

How do you use the app?

  1. With the app open and running, start a Competitive or Casual CSGO match.
  2. When you see a tip indicator pop up, you can press 'J' to view a short GIF (if on manual, press 'J' to search for a tip, if found it'll be shown)
  3. With a tip open, press 'L' to view a more detailed explanation or 'H' to hide the display
  4. Press 'Alt+J' to see all recently viewed tips

*Hotkeys can be changed to your preference