Rules and Conditions

Can I earn 650 RP more than once? ▾

No, at this moment you may only redeem a single RP coupon. In the future, there will be new opportunities to earn more, stay tuned!

  • I invited 500 friends. Am I rich?
    Yes! 650RP Richer than you previously were :)
    At this point in time, only one RP coupon can be earned by each player.

Is this program available outside the US? ▾

Currently, it is only available in the US, but we plan to unlock Refer a Friend in other regions in the future.

You have all the time you need - your progress will be saved and as long as you do not uninstall Overwolf or the app, it will be waiting for you. We will announce ahead of time if anything changes.

Am I on a timer when inviting friends? ▾

No, your progress is saved and as long as you do not uninstall Overwolf or the App, you may progress when you have the time to do so. We will announce ahead of time if anything changes.

When does the campaign end? ▾

It is currently not time limited, and we will announce ahead of time if anything changes and we decide to end the campaign.

Where can I check my progress? ▾

Look for the Friend referral button at the top of the app, clicking it will show you your current progress as well as keep your individual link saved.

Will Refer a Friend work in Garena servers? ▾

No, Refer a friend is currently US-only. This is likely to change in the future.

Can I invite a friend who already has Facecheck? ▾

You can, but it will not count as a successful referral. You can only get credit for referred friends who had never downloaded or used Facecheck.

Can I invite friends to try other apps in other games? ▾

Soon! But for now the Facecheck community is the first and only one that makes this possible.

Can I invite people who are not my friends? ▾

Yes, but since only those who actually play a game with Facecheck count, it usually is much easier to successfully invite friends than it is strangers.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

I invited a friend but I do not see progress on the bar, why? ▾

Invites are validated when your friend plays a PvP match with Facecheck - you should see progress appearing shortly after they do.

I lost my invite link, where do I get it? ▾

I uninstalled OW, or swapped PCs, or whatever - did I lose my progress? ▾

Yes, uninstalling Overwolf will reset your progress, we recommend completing your referral reward and receiving the RP coupon before changing your setup or swapping PCs.

I dismissed the Refer a Friend notification, can I still earn RP? ▾

Absolutely, just click the Friend referral button at the top of the Facecheck window and find your individual link for sharing in the newly opened page.

RP Code

Where can I redeem my code? ▾

I lost my code, where can I get it again? ▾

Assuming you haven’t uninstalled Overwolf, just click the Friend referral button inside your app’s window and find your coupon code saved there.

My coupon code does not work in Riot’s store, what do I do? ▾

Open a support ticket and we will look into it.


Is this legal? Can I get banned? ▾

Am I sharing my personal information when I invite people? ▾

No, the only piece of information your invitees will get is your League of Legends Summoner name, no profile or personal information of any kind.