This page shows the past updates of the R6 Analyst app on Overwolf, and what changed. Note that it's listed in antichronological order.

[] - [2021-06-28]

“Can We Queue?”-feature added


  • New “Can We Queue?”-feature, to easily check if your group is within the 700 MMR range limit.


  • Various fixes, including:

    • Round conclusion fix for Custom Matches (bug introduced in

    • Fixed rare issue where tracked Custom Matches weren’t stored when more than one map was added to a Lobby.


  • In-app R6Tab Player Search removed on request of Overwolf (technical requirement).

[] - [2021-06-24]

Last Alive stat added


  • Last Alive added to Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • Last Alive added to CSV export.

  • Last Alive and Clutch Win% added to Daily/Weekly/Seasonal stats Widget.

  • Information hover on Most Played Operators in Daily/Weekly/Seasonal stats Widget.


  • Account Statistics graphs only go back 20 weeks to improve speed and readability.

  • 0% KOST in Enhanced Scoreboard during the first round changed to interpunct.

  • Traded Death% now takes into account Last Alive deaths are untradeable.

  • Spectated tracked matches now show scoreline instead of Win/Loss in the menu.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed potentially missed tracking of a clutch situation if second to last alive player disconnected whilst still alive.

    • Fixed rare issue where rehosted match stitching would crash the app.

    • Fixed default expansion size for Analyst window for particular DPI-scaling.

    • Fixed rare issue with Match History fetching if an alias-/smurf-account name was old/changed.

    • Fixed rare issue where Most Played Operators in the Daily/Weekly/Seasonal stats Widget would be operators from the wrong side (ATK/DEF).

[] - [2021-06-17]


  • Match History now pulls matches for all your smurf accounts, not just the currently active one.

  • Match History now attempts to detect and stitch together rehosted Custom matches.

  • Fix for Custom Match tracking where under certain conditions a tracked match wasn’t stored.

  • Fix for misaligned Kill Feed Enhancement in Spectator Mode.

[] - [2021-06-16]


  • Clutch Attempt tracking.

[] - [2021-06-15]

Y6S2: Operation ‘North Star’ compatibility release


  • New Season: North Star.

  • New Operator: Thunderbird.

  • New Map Rework: Favela.


  • Small Second Monitor layout fix.

  • Second Monitor remains open after match end.


  • Removed Crimson Heist Personalized Infographic.

[] - [2021-06-14]



  • Fix for issue introduced in v2.0.4.6 where app sometimes tracks defuser plants at round ending that weren’t actually occurring.

[] - [2021-06-13]


  • Operator Roles indicator on the Operator Stats pages.

  • Tray Icon functionality.

    • Minimize to tray adds R6 Analyst Tray Icon.

    • Tray Icon menu.

  • App version channels, for easier testing/updating.


  • Improved Team/Performance Report generation performance.


  • Removed Send Feedback link as it was primarily used to send me toxic hateful messages. Feel free to join the Discord where I have a means of responding.

[] - [2021-06-08]

Crimson Heist Personalized Infographic


  • Generate your Personalized Seasonal Infographic for Operation Crimson Heist!


  • Fix for misaligned Kill Feed Enhancement for 1440p at 5:4 ratio.

  • Fixed misnamed column header in Personal Performance Report.

  • Improved user experience when an account’s data cannot be found due to Ubisoft API rate limiting.

[] - [2021-06-05]


  • Ability to store multiple teams for the Team Performance Reports.

  • Ability to reset the Ignored Operators settings back to default.

  • Ability to reset all app settings back to default.


  • Fix for Ignored Operators setting resetting/changing unintentionally.

  • Fix for Performance Reports line graphs smoothing interpolation creating weird artifacts in certain situations.

  • Fix for First Engagement Time calculations being way off in rare situations.

[] - [2021-06-04]



  • Fix for Aspect Ratio auto-detection, which also caused missing Banned Operators Reminder.

[] - [2021-06-03]

New Performance Reports


  • New Personal Performance Report dashboard page.

  • New Team Performance Report dashboard page.

[] - [2021-06-02]



  • Fix for issues with scoreline-tracking due to Ubisoft hotfix changes.

  • Fix for flawless round indicator due to undocumented changes in Overwolf integration.

  • Reverted 2nd monitor windows “always on top” change whilst we investigate an issue in FPS performance drop related to this.

[] - [2021-05-18]


  • Added automatic in-game Aspect Ratio detection.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fix season order of graphs in Account Statistics.

    • Altered Sus-meter so it marks accounts as Smurfs less often.

    • Improved temporary scoreline-tracking workaround.

[] - [2021-05-07]



  • Fix for issues with scoreline-tracking due to Ubisoft hotfix changes.

[] - [2021-05-06]


  • Added Apocalypse Event support.


  • Various fixes, including:

    • Ensured 2nd monitor screen appears on top of any other window that may be open on 2nd monitor.

    • Fixed issue where in CSV export the wrong side (ATK/DEF) might be assigned to players in the first round.

    • Fixed issue where in CSV export the wrong round conclusion (e.g. plant/elimination) was assigned.

    • Fixed issue where in CSV export the round end timestamp was missing sometimes (not for Custom matches).

    • Fixed issue where in CSV export the Team and/or Side was missing sometimes (not for Custom matches).

    • Fixed issue where in CSV export in rare cases the final kill in an elimination round was not tracked.

    • Fixed some Operator icons inconsistent colouring.

    • Improved modal dismissal handling.

    • Fixed issue with tracking multi-teamkills where one or both teamkills were tracked as suicides instead.

    • Avoided potential I/O performance issue when in Custom Match and Orange team starts on ATK.

[ -] - [2021-05-03]



  • Fix for Aspect Ratio setting which was broken with last version.

  • Fix for 2nd monitor window which alt-tabbed the game.

[] - [2021-04-28]

First-Time User Experience Rework


  • Completely new First-Time User Experience to improve the set-up and onboarding flow for new app users.


  • Slight improved styling for a few windows to bring them more in line with the reworked Analyst design.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed a rare issue with server connections if the user’s system time is too far out of sync with the real atomic clock time.

    • Fix for Match Report generation when in Custom Match and playing multiple maps in a single lobby.

    • Fix where “Elimination” round conclusions were incorrectly tracked as “Time Limit Reached” round conclusions

    • Fixed issue where Spawn Point tracking prompt was appearing in Spectator Mode when Objective Site tracking prompt was enabled.

    • “High Value Ban”-indicator in Smart Ban was appearing much too often.

    • Fixed embarrassing arithmetic error on Operator Stats Win%, K/D, KPR, KOST, and SRV when filtering by timeframe.

    • Fixed various stability issues with Custom match when some players leave the lobby during the MVP screen instead of waiting for the game to end properly, but some others do remain until the end.


  • Removed the Country Flag option from the Account Stats in the Enhanced Scoreboard, upon Ubisoft’s request.

[] - [2021-04-21]


  • Completely revamped Operator Comparison page in the Analyst panel.

  • Completely revamped Operator History page in the Analyst panel.


  • Now shows breakdown of Sus-meter even in conclusive classifications.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed rare issue where sometimes a player’s name would be empty and data was shown as NULL in the Enhanced Scoreboard.

    • Fixed issue where the reason for an R6Tab ban wasn’t shown in Sus-meter.

    • Fixed small Analyst panel UI issue where too much whitespace appeared between graph legend lines.

    • Changed Analyst panel graph labels to include the year rather than just week number.

    • Updated Clash’s operator icon, which was slightly the wrong size.

[] - [2021-04-17]


  • Column sorting to tables in Account Stats and Operator Stats.

  • Gamemode and timeframe filtering added to Operator Stats page.

  • Added Ubisoft Match ID to Match History Reports (under Scoreboard).


  • Much improved back-end systems (faster servers).

  • Improved error messaging.

  • Fixed some unintended maximize/unmaximize window behaviour.

  • Fixed Aruni’s Operator Portrait is missing in her Operator Stats page.

  • Improved small UI elements in some areas.


  • Reduced unnecessary debug logging/tracking.

[ -] - [2021-03-24 - 2021-03-27]



  • Fix for Kill Feed Enhancement in Spectator Mode.

  • Stability improvements for Match Report when players disconnect and reconnect.

[ -] - [2021-03-19 - 2021-03-22]



  • Per Map statistics added to Account Overview.


  • Fixes for undocumented UI changes in Crimson Heist:

    • Kill Feed Enhancement misalignment fix.

    • Banned Operators Reminder misalignment fix.

  • Border map Objective Site selection order is fixed.

  • Enhanced Discord Game Activity mentioned Road to S.I. instead of Discovery.

[ -] - [2021-03-16]

Y6S1: Operation ‘Crimson Heist’ compatibility release


  • New Season: Crimson Heist.

  • New Operator: Flores.

  • New Map Rework: Border.


  • Fix for Sus-meter Toxicity indicator not mentioning why they are labelled toxic.

  • Fix for Target Ban showing incorrect (extremely large) Presence%.

  • Small Second Monitor ad implementation fix


  • Removed Neon Dawn Personalized Infographic.

[] - [2021-03-08]


  • Operation Neon Dawn Personalized Infographics can now be generated! ?


  • Fix for Custom Matches not tracking.

[] - [2021-03-05]


  • New graphs added to Account Statistics dashboard.

  • “Based On”-data added to R6 Smart Ban panel, to give transparency on what the algorithm uses to come to its conclusions.

  • HS% added to Today-/Yesterday- and This Week summary stats in Analyst panel.

    • I will add it to This Season at the start of Crimson Heist.


  • Small changes to Smart Ban algorithm for better results even if very little data is available from the enemy team.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • The Presence value in the Smart Bans and Target Bans hover info panels was incorrect. It was actually showing KOST there. ?‍♂️

    • Prompt asking what team you were on appeared unnecessarily from time to time.

    • Prompt asking what type of Custom Match it is will disappear in Prep phase if not clicked, and won’t appear again.

    • Fixed issue where one could not disable/enable Objective- or Spawnpoint tracking.

    • Fixed app getting confused if in a Custom match Orange starts on ATK. (This is still not recommended.)

    • Various small visual bugs.

[] - [2021-02-26]


  • Stats per Map added to Operator Stats Dashboard.

  • Streamer Mode added, where Enhanced Scoreboard and Enhanced Kill Feed notifications are anonymised if desired.


  • Custom Match History now stores up to 100 matches (up from 10).

  • Renamed Sixth-Pick ‘Result’ to ‘Winner’ in CSV-export for clarity.

  • New Siege logo (rebranding) employed in Discord Game Activity.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Headshot% issue in CSV export if player got no kills.

    • Auto CSV export didn’t occur if Match Report was not auto-launched after the match.

[] - [2021-02-20]

CSV Export Rework


  • Various additional statistics added to the CSV Export exclusively.


  • Various fixes, including:

    • Player Rating sometimes showed NaN.

    • Fix for Kill Feed Enhancement placement for 1440p, 4:3.

[] - [2021-02-16]

Operator Stats Analysis


  • New Operator Stats page added to the Analyst panel.

    • Showcases detailed performance stats per operator over time!


  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed issue where “fetching data”-message would be too wide and mess up the rest of the Enhanced Scoreboard.

    • Fixed Win% actually showing up as W/L.

    • Fixed Unranked (2500MMR) players showing up as Silver 1 instead of Unranked.

  • Map Stats Tracking toggle removed for game modes that are automatically tracked.

[] - [2021-02-12]

Headshot Tracking


  • Headshots are now tracked in real-time!

    • Added HS% to Enhanced Scoreboard.

    • Added HS% and headshots-count to Match Report and CSV export.

  • Added app update notification messaging system, for improved user experience.


  • Improved positioning of Kill Feed Enhancement for non-standard Aspect Ratio + Resolution combinations.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed bug with Custom matches if Blue started on Defence.

    • Fixed Tutorial Video link in top bar menu.

    • Fix for in-game points tracking if player has negative points at end of a round.

    • Fixed issue where the “Ignored Operators”-setting was, ironically, ignored by the Smart Ban calculation (server-side).

[] - [2021-02-04]

Small fixes


  • Improved team detection in Custom Match.
  • Improved side detection in Custom Match.
  • Fixed user roles not appearing.
  • Fixed dropdown selections in the Second Monitor window.
  • Reworded First Time User install finalization message.
  • Removed Six Invitational 2021 background because pain. ?

[] - [2021-01-27]

Discord Game Activity


  • Added Discord Game Activity improvements

    • This improves the Siege Discord integration, which is often broken and stuck on “in MENU”. It can now accurately portray what you’re doing in-game, including:

      • What map you’re playing.

      • What operator you’re playing.

      • Your current K/D and rating.

      • What the scoreline is.

      • How much time is remaining in the current round.

  • Added missing map icons (for Casual maps).

  • Added support for the Road to S.I. 2021 Event (untested).


  • Updated Most Banned Operators to reflect new Ubisoft Mid-Season Balancing Notes.

  • Small fixes including:

    • Leading zero on microseconds in Match Report for Custom matches.

    • Fixed sorting players by rating/points.

    • Versionnumber/changelog was unclickable.

  • Improved (lower) CPU footprint.

  • Improved fallback option if data connection is having issues.

[ -] - [2021-01-22 - 2021-01-24]



  • Small fixes including:

    • Automatic Map detection not always working.

    • Banned Operators Reminder not showing up.

    • Match history missing rounds or loading infinitely.

    • Map Selection window appearing unnecessarily.

    • Custom Matches match history “undefined”.

[] - [2021-01-22]

New major release


  • Automatic Map detection!

  • More operator stats per player on hover (when available).

  • Much improved server stability.

  • Added Unranked stats to Account Statistics in Analyst panel.

  • Warning message when too many Ignored Operators are selected.


  • Account Stats “hours played”-hover now splits hours per Ranked/Casual.

  • Various improvements to R6 Smart Ban algorithm.

  • Exit prompt can’t remember Exit as default anymore, as this caused a lot of confusion.

  • R6 Smart Ban Widget and -Panel reworked into a new single resizeable window with improved visuals.

  • Temporary Road to S.I. 2021 background for hype ?.

[] - [2021-01-13]



  • Small fixes preparing for server improvements.

[] - [2021-01-09]


  • Various additions to the CSV export:

    • Side analysis

    • Round end type added to per player analysis

    • Round end type added to round events for Custom Matches

    • Round events timestamp granularity down to millisecond for Custom Matches

    • Time spent alive per player

[ -] - [2021-01-05]



  • Small fixes after severe server issues.

[] - [2020-12-29]



  • Fix for disabled Match History menu-button.

  • Fix for misaligned “fetching data” cell width in Enhanced Scoreboard.

[ -] - [2020-12-26]



  • Small modal dismiss issue fixed.

[] - [2020-12-26]


  • Integrity verification added to the CSV export. Use to check that a file is unaltered.

  • Added filters to Match History (by gamemode and/or map).

  • Unlimited Match History storage (previously the max limit was 10 matches).

  • Added round events to CSV export.

  • Option to view a Player’s country-flag in Enhanced Scoreboard Account Stats.


  • Fixed Ignored Operators for Smart Ban settings not saving correctly.

  • Fixed a Custom 6+6 Draw result showing as Loss in the Match History side-menu.

[] - [2020-12-11]



  • Fixed Operator History

  • Fix for KOST/SRV/KPR issue in Quick Match


  • Removed notice of “Stats tracked since 3 Nov” for seasonal stats

[] - [2020-12-08]



  • Fix for undocumented changes to Overwolf Integration

  • Fixed alphabetical order of maps (Skyscraper was last erroneously)

[] - [2020-12-03]

Y6S1: Operation ‘Neon Dawn’ release


  • New operator: Aruni

  • Added Skyscraper to Ranked maps.


  • Removed Outback from Ranked maps.

[] - [2020-11-29]


  • Operation: Shadow Legacy personalized infographics!


  • No more need to manually enable Spectator mode.

  • When run as a Spectator, the app now tracks all Operators and Sixth-picks (instead of just the Orange team).

  • Operator-tracking in Custom matches is more reliable when running as a player.

[ -] - [2020-11-20]



  • R6Tab integration re-added now that CCS stream is removed.


  • 2k, 3k, and 4k notifications reworded to double-, triple-, and quad kill to be more readable and in line with official Ubisoft terminology.

  • Storing Custom matches based on provided type of Custom (Dry-run/Scrim/Comp).

  • Reworded the Custom Gamemode prompt to clarify the intention.

  • Improved side (atk/def) detection in rare cases.

[ -] - [2020-11-17]



  • Overwolf API status message check.

  • Check that Overlay is enabled in Overwolf settings so the app can actually work.


  • Removed some instances where the Analyst panel would appear in-game unnecessarily (e.g. at the end of a Training Grounds).

  • Fixed an issue where the app stops working in-game.

  • Fixed Second Monitor Experience not working.

  • Improved GPU performance with Second Monitor Experience open.

  • New Tachanka rework Operator Icon!


  • R6Tab integration removed due to CCS stream constantly running.

[ -] - [2020-11-15]



  • Added a DPI-scaling detected warning message.


  • Added some debug logging.

  • Fixed an issue with the Overwolf ads implementation.

  • Fixed an issue with the Daily/Weekly match summary stuff.

  • Fixed Second Monitor Experience issues.

  • Fixed DPI scaling issues.

[ -] - [2020-11-13]



  • Fixed an issue with the Subscription submenu in the Settings.

  • Fixed an issue with several features not working after a failed update.

[] - [2020-11-13]


  • New Analyst panel rework!

    • Available in-game (press Ctrl+N)

    • Fully resizable/maximizable

  • Daily and weekly stats summaries.

    • View your overall Player Rating, KOST, etc. for the entire day and week!

  • New stat: Refrags

    • The number of kills where you refragged after a teammate died within the trade window.

  • Enable/disable features per gamemode, even between dry-run/6+6/comp in Custom.


  • .CSV exports now appear in sub-folders per gamemode.

  • Exit confirmation now includes a “remember my answer”-option.

  • Various fixes and improvements, including:

    • Fix for KOST-, KPR-, SRV-, and Rating-tracking in 6+6 scrims, where the abandoned 13th round was incorrectly counted.

    • Fix for Enhanced Scoreboard if opened minimized and not in transparent mode, where it would show as a large grey square blocking the in-game scoreboard.

    • Fix for auto CSV-export re-exporting a deleted older match.

    • Performance improvements (fixed some micro-stuttering).


  • Temporarily removed Operator Performance charts for Last Month as the Ubisoft API providing these has been discontinued. I’m looking into alternate data sources.

  • Temporarily reverted player’s Operator-use calculation to their full Siege-career, as the Ubisoft API providing recent data has been discontinued. I’m looking into alternate data sources.

[] - [2020-11-02]


  • Improved API speed and security.

  • Fix for R6DB and Official Ubisoft player search links.

  • Fix for Export to CSV button text incorrectly stating it was already exported when it wasn’t.

  • Fix for DPI-aware scaling.

  • Fix for ad implementation issues on request of Overwolf.

[] - [2020-10-25]



  • Fixes some issues with Match Report and CSV export for matches tracked in Spectator-mode.

[] - [2020-10-24]



  • Attempts to guess in-game Aspect Ratio based on screen resolution on first install, rather than defaulting to 16:9 in all instances.


  • Disabled “Flawless Round”-indicator in Enhanced Kill Feed for Quick Match, as it doesn’t function correctly.

  • Fix for ultra-ultra-wide monitors (>21:9 aspect ratio)

[] - [2020-10-23]


  • Full Spectator-mode support!

  • The option for Flawless Round notification in the Kill Feed Enhancement.

  • Customizable trade time window for Custom Matches.

  • Automatic CSV-export now available in Settings.

  • Sixth-pick tracking (in CSV export only).

  • Automatic DPI-scaling detection and counteraction.


  • To remain similar to, a 1v1 now also counts as a 1vX clutch.

  • Changed Default Bans graph order to reflect newly published order by Ubisoft.

  • Changed the round kills bars in the Match Report to be more intuitive. They now show the number of kills per team, as opposed to the surviving members per team.

  • Various fixes, including:

    • Fixed issue for 6+6 scrim format tracking in Custom Matches where  round-average stats like KOST and KPR incorrectly took the abandoned 13th round into account.

    • Fixed issue with .CSV export confusing who was on ATK or DEF on any particular round.

    • Various fixes for prompt timings in Custom Matches.

    • Centered the “What site did you just attack?” prompt which was slightly off-centre and this annoyed many people. ?

    • Fixed issue where 3% of Account Stats fetching would fail server-side.

    • Improved stability of Match Report even if Account Stats fetching failed during match.

    • Improved side-/team-detection in Custom Matches.


  • Stats tracking and UI Enhancements no longer appear during Training Grounds or Operations.

  • Temporarily removed Operator Performance charts for Last Day and Last Month as the Ubisoft API providing these has been discontinued. I’m looking into alternate data sources.

[] - [2020-10-03]


  • The option for 2k, 3k and 4k notifications in the Kill Feed Enhancement.

  • Backup opportunity to enter current map during first Site/Spawn selection prompt, if you missed the first Map prompt.

  • The option to have the Second Monitor Experience enabled, but not auto-appear upon match start.

  • Added R6Tab ban reason and evidence to Sus-meter popover-info.


  • Fixed issue with 1vX Clutch tracking when teammate disconnected/reconnected during operator select phase.

  • Fixed misaligned top menu button icon.

  • Fixed first Objective Site/Spawn Location prompt appearing too early (still in Operator Banning Phase).

  • Fixed issue with account names duplicating in Analyst Panel menu when switching accounts and screens.

  • Fixed an issue where in 50% of cases of an instantaneous traded kill (shot each other at the same time), it was shown in the Event Log as two suicides (stats were still tracked accurately though!).

  • Fixed an issue with Kill Feed Enhancement placement on ultra-wide resolutions.

  • Changed Sus-meter popover information so it needs to be clicked to open (as it is quite big).

[] - [2020-09-29]


  • New feature: Kill Feed Enhancements. Trade indications and more added to in-game kill-feed!

  • New stat available in Enhanced Scoreboard:

    • Sus-meter; A measure of how suspicious the account is based on stats like K/D, Win%, Headshot%, Penetration%, etc.

  • Ad-free premium subscription version of the app!


  • Massive performance improvements after fixing a hard-to-find memory leak.

[] - [2020-09-23]


  • New stat available in Enhanced Scoreboard:

    • Number of matches played (Ranked this season, Ranked overall, total PvP Online overall)

  • Added the External Profile Links to the Match Report/Match History tables.


  • Fixed K/D not tracked for R6 Map Stats.

  • Fix for CSV export from Match Report if no map was tracked.

  • Fix for launching app from Overwolf dock if game was already running.

  • Performance improvements (lower resource utilization).

[ -] - [2020-09-18]



  • Stability improvements for Match Report/Match History.

  • Stability improvements for Map Stats.

[] - [2020-09-17]


  • New feature: Side Analysis added to Match Report. View Rating/KOST/etc. per ATK/DEF side!


  • Prompt for which map you are playing appeared even when turned off in settings, in certain situations. Prompt kept reappearing if dismissed (clicked X-button instead of the actual map).

  • It is more clear in the Enhanced Scoreboard when a player is disconnected.

  • Small ads implementation improvement as requested by Overwolf.

  • Various stability improvements.

  • Various changes to the default settings when first installing the app.

    • Enhanced Scoreboard now is on `-key (Tilde) by default.

    • Won’t change for existing users.

  • Improved fallback when Chromium LocalStorage is broken.

[ -] - [2020-09-14]

Various hotfixes


  • Various small fixes, from typo’s to sloppy debug code making its way into Live accidentally.

[] - [2020-09-14]

Y5S4: Operation ‘Shadow Legacy’ release


  • Zero added to playable Operators.

  • Chalet Rework added to Map Stats.

  • Optional semi-transparent mode for Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • Map Stats, Operator Performance, and Operator History are now filterable by season.

  • Added external profile links to the website of your preference.


  • Fixed visual issue in Match Report where round kills progress-bars were inverted.

  • Improved Match Report match outcome calculation (now includes option to Draw for Custom Matches).

  • Improved icons for maps (Villa, Border, Club House, Chalet (rework)).

  • Fixed an issue where R6 Map Stats still prompted for which site you attacked, even if this was disabled in the Settings.

  • Fixed an issue in the Analyst Account Statistics where the graphs would take EMEA stats even if the player was actually APAC or NCSA instead.

[] - [2020-09-09]


  • Added a win-prediction based on average MMR to the Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • Match Report now shows the objective site as well (when tracked).

  • You can now choose the folder where the CSV exports save to.

  • MMR added as a potential Account Stats column.


  • Fixed rare issue with wrong username shown if during matchmaking Ubisoft changed its mind about a connected user.

  • Fixed rare issue with an undismissable pop-up for selecting the attacked objective site.

  • Fixed table-formatting on multi-monitor window if the Level-stat was disabled in Settings.

  • Fixed overtime round detection for Custom Match.

  • Fixed missing Objective Site for the final round in a tracked match.

  • Maps are now in alphabetical order in the Map Selection prompt.

  • Replaced various deprecated Overwolf API functions.

[] - [2020-09-06]



  • Fix for CSV export when current map is unknown.

  • Changed default settings to be more in line with new user expectations.

[] - [2020-09-04]


  • Custom Matches are now supported!

    • You must play as a PLAYER and run the app.

    • OBSERVER-mode is not supported (yet).

  • Ability to set which tab in the Enhanced Scoreboard you want open by default.

  • Added the “Objective Plays”-metric to the Enhanced Scoreboard, a combination of the Defuser Plants and -Disables to free up a column.

  • Finished the detailed CSV export feature; Now even more in-depth!


  • Fixed Champion rank incorrectly showing for players with <100 matches played.

  • Fixed consistency for thousands- and decimal separator. 

  • Fixed the size of the Enhance Scoreboard being slightly out of line with the in-game scoreboard.

  • New (much more concise) onboarding video explaining new features.

[] - [2020-09-01]


  • Expanded the CSV export feature to include more data for your analytic pleasure (still a work in progress).


  • Increased Match History storage limit to last 10 matches (up from 6).

  • Various stability improvements.

  • Added support for up to 15 rounds in a Match Report, in preparation for Custom Match support.

  • Better support for CSV export with different OS locale settings.

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect KOST tracking in rare cases.

  • Fixed an issue where trades were not properly counted.

  • The ‘per round’-toggles on Operator Performance graphs now remember their last position.

  • Changed the top menu icon to be a clearer visual indicator.

[] - [2020-08-28]


  • The ability to choose to sort the Enhanced Scoreboard by Match Rating, Kills or KOST (in addition to the default in-game Points sorting).


  • Fixed an issue where the app would turn itself off during booting of R6:Siege if R6 Smart Ban was disabled.

  • Fixed visual issue where some Match Stats were pre-filled in Enhanced Scoreboard at start of match.

[] - [2020-08-26]



  • Fixed issue with tracking KOST and KPR, where it sometimes was erroneously too high.

  • Fixed small visual things in Match Report.

  • Fixed rare Match Report crash.

  • Fixed the Team Scores still being visible even when you collapsed the Enhanced Scoreboard.

[] - [2020-08-25]



  • Fixed visual issue when too many columns were enabled in the Match Stats of the Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • Fixed issue with Match Report crashing when attempting to handle an abandoned match.

[] - [2020-08-25]



  • Team sides and scores added to the Enhanced Scoreboard.


  • Function relating to `openUrlInDefaultBrowser` altered on Overwolf’s request.

  • Fix for new match detection when using “Find another match”- or “Keep playing as a team”-buttons.

[] - [2020-08-24]


  • Fixed ordinal suffix for dates in Match Report/History.

  • Match Report Scoreboard table is now sorted by Points per team.

  • Match Report Performance table is now sorted by Match Rating per team.

  • Fixed in-app feedback form (apparently broken since v1.5.2) :(

  • Changed .CSV export filename based on feedback.

  • Fix for multikills (e.g. C4 double kill) not counting as a multikill round.

  • Players leaving (abandoning) Ranked/Unranked no longer messes with 1vX clutch tracking.

  • Players replacing a previously exited player in Quick Match no longer inherit their stats on the Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • Fixed colour scaling, which was off sometimes.

[1.9.2] - [2020-08-22]


  • New CSV export function to Match Report/History.

  • New Scoreboard tab added to Match Report/History.

  • Rank and Profile Picture images shown in Match Report/History.

  • More menu options added to the Analyst panel.


  • Various stability improvements for Match Report/History and Account Statistics.

  • Fixed issue with defuser plant tracking not shown correctly on Enhanced Scoreboard in certain situations.

  • Fixed KOST not taking Surviving a Round into account properly.

  • Fixed Match Rating calculation issue, where rating was too low for poor performing players. Now closer to’s Rating formulae.

[1.9.1] - [2020-08-19]



  • Fix for the Enhanced Scoreboard on ultra-wide resolutions.

  • Fix for Analyst panel crash on first Match History open after v1.9.0 update.

  • Reduced local match history storage to 6 matches to avoid possibly reaching localStorage size limit.

[1.9.0] - [2020-08-17]

Bèta release

  • New Enhanced Scoreboard element that overlaps the in-game scoreboard.

  • New Match Stats showing Traded Kills/Deaths, KOST, Clutches, Plants/Defuses, SRV, etc. etc.

  • New After Action Match Report at the end of a Ranked/Unranked match.

    • Including a timeline of events per round, and detailed Match Stats.

  • New Match History Analyst section with your last 10 matches tracked.

  • Expanded documentation in the Products Suite Explanation to include the new features, as well as the “Default” Bans value graph and Enemy’s Atypical Operator Use recommendations features which were added in version v1.8.0.


  • Improved GUI performance for pop-over tippies.

  • Fix for R6SB widget appearing when unintended.

  • Fix for Multi-monitor window appearing when unintended.

  • Review app link links directly to the reviews tab in the app store.

  • Fix for “No Ranked match detected (yet)” not disappearing in the Multi-monitor window even though a Ranked match was, in fact, detected.

  • Fix for ads implementation as per Overwolf’s request.

  • Fix for Map Stats not automatically detecting the team/side.


  • The old Enhanced Scoreboard window which was available when pressing Ctrl+N, as this was replaced with the new version overlapping the in-game scoreboard.

  • The old Banned Operators Reminder and Current Gamemode Reminder elements, as these were incorporated in the new Enhanced Scoreboard element.

[1.8.1] - [2020-07-14]



  • Fix for new match detection when using “Find another match” or “Keep playing as a team” buttons.

  • Fix with storing settings for people that updated from v1.6.0 immediately to v1.8.0 without having updated to v.1.7.0 inbetween

[1.8.0] - [2020-07-14]


  • Expanded R6SB Panel to include:

    • “Default” Bans value graph

    • Enemy’s Atypical Operator Use recommendations

  • Hotkey reminder pop-up

    • Can be disabled in Settings menu

  • Map Stats Editor hotkey added to Settings menu


  • Reduced size of ‘Scoreboard’ element in R6SB Panel to make room for new features

    • The full version is still available under Ctrl+N

  • Greatly improved speed of the R6 Smart Bans calculation

  • Operator pick is now automatically tracked!

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • User roles not always appearing in scoreboard

    • Match tracking issues when “Stay with Team” or “Match Cancelled” occurred

    • Melusi and Ace missing from Map Stats Editor

    • Could not click out of some pop-up modals

    • Account Overview stats showcase fixed


  • MMR Datacenter setting removed, as Ranked now has a Global MMR

[1.7.7] - [2020-07-08]



  • Additional fix on top of v1.7.6

[1.7.6] - [2020-07-07]



  • Fix for `roster` event change on Overwolf’s side

[1.7.5] - [2020-06-22]



  • New message explaining Steel Wave update.

  • Fix for Analyst Account Statistics, when adding an account that has never been tracked before.

  • Small typos fixed.

  • Fix for visual bug on empty rows in R6UI Enhanced Scoreboard table.

[1.7.4] - [2020-06-20]



  • v1.7.3 incorrectly stated the Overwolf integration downtime was fixed. This message was removed.

[1.7.3] - [2020-06-20]



  • Clearance Level player-stat added to the Enhanced Scoreboard.

  • R6 Map Stats comparison to the community average.

  • Fix to show a “Global” unified ranking instead of the regional rankings from previous seasons.


  • Improved (more efficient) database coding.

[1.7.2] - [2020-06-16]

Y5S3: Operation ‘Steel Wave’ release


  • Ace and Melusi added to Operators list.

  • Steel Wave season added to Account Statistics in Analyst Panel.

  • Hover tooltip info to some R6 Map Stats graphs. (More coming soon!)

  • Credits/Special Thanks section.


  • -

[1.7.1] - [2020-06-15]



  • Banned Operators Reminder now shows correctly/completely for resolutions higher than 1080p.

[1.7.0] - [2020-06-07]


  • R6UI Enhanced Scoreboard.

    • As an easier and more customizable replacement for the R6SB Panel Scoreboard view.

    • It also works in any gamemode, not just Ranked/Unranked.

    • Default hotkey CTRL+N.

  • R6 Map Stats Editor.

    • Edit previous rounds’ filled in, or missed, Map Stats tracking input with this new app window.

    • Default hotkey CTRL+M.

  • Multi-monitor Support.

    • There’s a second-screen experience now available, showing some of the information provided by the other features. We’ll build this out and make it more customizable in the future.


  • The Banned Operators Reminder now works in the Vulkan API version of the game!

  • Analyst window now remembers what panel you had open last.

    • Reordered panels in the menu, from most used to least.

  • Further improvements to R6SB Analysis speed.

  • Site Tracking is now optional, for the Map Stats feature.

  • Real-Time Operator Tracking is now optional, for the Operator Stats feature.

  • Settings are now split per Product Suite, to more easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • In rare cases, the match outcome was not correctly tracked by the Map Stats Tracker.

    • In rare cases, a small portion of an ad in the Analyst Panel was not clickable.

    • The W/L History Graph in the Account Statistics was broken if you had a season with only wins.

    • Switching accounts in the Analyst panel sometimes caused the Map Stats to appear for the wrong account.

    • Various small text improvements/typo fixes.


  • -

[1.6.5] - [2020-05-21]



  • Fixed R6 Smart Ban analysis speed, which slowed significantly since Ubisoft server-side update issue.

[1.6.4] - [2020-05-21]



  • Fixed R6 Map Stats, which broke due to a Ubisoft server-sided update.

  • Fixed R6 Smart Ban, which also broke due to the same Ubisoft server-sided update.

  • R6 Map Stats’ Analyst panel’s Map vs Map Win% graph labels ATK/DEF were inverted.

[1.6.3] - [2020-05-18]



  • Fixed issue with the Map Stats Tracking where the Site/Operator Selection window bugged out when you didn't select a side (ATK/DEF) fast enough when going into Overtime.

[1.6.2] - [2020-05-15]



  • Fixed small bugs that arose during preliminary rollout of v1.6.0

[1.6.0] - [2020-05-15]


  • R6 Map Stats tracking.

  • Optional K/D, Win%, and HS% stats added to the R6SB Panel Scoreboard.


  • App structure and visuals altered to split features into a suite of products:

    • R6 Smart Ban

    • R6 Map Stats

    • R6 Operator Stats

    • R6 UI Enhancements

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Operator icons were cut off when they were at the top of graphs.

    • Fixed Gridlock’s icon which, ironically, was too small.

    • Issues with certain race conditions in Analyst panel.

  • Cleaned up the code in the background significantly, for improved stability and speed.

  • Clicking ‘minimize’ now only minimizes the active window.

  • Clicking ‘close’ in-game now just closes the current window, not asking to shutdown the app completely.

  • Operator Performance graphs now have a dynamic Y axis for improved graph readability.


  • -

[1.5.3] - [2020-05-13]



  • Fixed a bug that caused connections to the new backend system to, sporadically, be refused.

[1.5.2] - [2020-05-10]



  • Moved backend systems to a more robust, responsive and adaptable infrastructure, to solve the slow analysis speed caused by a large influx of new users, and to avoid similar issues in the future.

[1.5.1] - [2020-05-07]



  • Fixed issue regarding requiring Overwolf Game Summary to be installed, when this was unnecessary.

  • Fixed issue with the user’s default browser opening from in-game, alt-tabbing the player out.

[1.5.0] - [2020-05-05]


  • K/D stats for Ranked and Quick Match in Analyst panel.

  • MMR, W/L, and K/D history graphs in Analyst panel.

  • Improved error reporting for Analyst panel issues.

  • Support for all resolutions and aspect ratios for Banned Operator- and Current Gamemode Reminders.


  • Analyst Panel:

    • Much faster load times.

    • Changed default screen to the Operator Performance screen.

    • Renamed Overview to Account Statistics.

    • Renamed Casual to Quick Match.

    • Improved Current Rank visuals.

    • Various bug fixes, including:

      • Question marks showing instead of zero when a stat was ‘0’. E.g. ‘0 Blind Kills’ showed as ‘? Blind Kills’.

      • Several issues with data parsing resolved.

      • Sometimes the wrong Rank icon was shown for seasons before Phantom Sight.

  • Improved Smart Ban Analysis speed.

  • Dock button icon changed to fit neatly in the circular button of the Overwolf dock.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • In rare cases, IQ was suggested as an extremely strong ban, whilst in reality this was incorrect.

    • In rare cases, the R6 Smart Ban analysis didn’t trigger automatically, and would have to be manually triggered.

    • When exiting another Overwolf-supported game, R6 Analyst would pop-up unintended.


  • Distance Travelled statistic removed from Analyst panel, as its information as provided by Ubisoft is very unreliable.

  • Hostage Rescued and DBNO Assists removed from Analyst panel as they are currently unavailable.

[1.4.0] - [2020-04-27]

First public release


  • Added a notification for “not enough data” if the user hasn’t played in the last week or more.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analyst panel would not function correctly when user had never played a Ranked match before.

[1.3.0] - [2020-04-27]

4th Bèta release


  • Analyst panel

    • An ‘after-action’ report with a lot of statistics and information regarding your account(s).


  • Name changed:

    • Based on feedback from Beta testers, a conversation with Overwolf, and our own future plans, we've decided to expand the app's scope beyond 'just' the Banning Phase. To make the name future-proof, we've rebranded to R6 Analyst.

  • Startup behaviour changed:

    • App appears in-game upon game load again (prerequisite for ads on Overwolf

  • Added window bars at the top of Desktop and Settings panels, to indicate more clearly they are draggable.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Clicking a link in an in-game window alt-tabbed you out to the default browser. It now opens the in-game OW browser

    • Clicking the OW dock icon for the app, whilst the app is already running minimized, doesn’t open the app.

[1.2.0] - [2020-04-12]

3rd Bèta release


  • -


  • Startup behaviour changed:

    • App no longer appears in-game upon game load. Only when a match starts, or when you press the hotkey (default: Ctrl+B)

    • App now appears in-game when you start app and game is already running (previously started minimized).

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analysis not always reliably starting automatically when match starts.

    • In-game window sometimes wouldn’t appear using Hotkey.

  • Default settings changed:

    • Banned Operators Element is now OFF by default.

    • Current Gamemode Reminder is now OFF by default.

    • This is to avoid confusion, since users aren’t reading the instructions.

[1.1.0] - 2020-04-10

2nd Bèta release


  • User Indicator showing when players are using R6 Smart Ban 

  • Additional/improved reporting

  • Link to Knowledge Base in Help section

  • Version checking prompting user to restart if update is available


  • Default ‘Team Flexibility’ value from 85% to 65% based on Bèta feedback

  • Some of the wording of explanations in the Settings

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Some quirks in R6SB scoring when only very recent Operator data was used

    • The R6SB graph sometimes was inverted (wrong team per axis)

    • Back-end stability improvements

    • Fix for Banned Operators Reminder not appearing

  • Moved Changelog to

[1.0.0] - 2020-04-06

1st Bèta release


  • Small note regarding screen resolution and aspect-ratio for Banned Operator- and Current Gamemode Reminder features.

  • Improved error reporting


  • Internal file structure

[0.8.0] - 2020-04-03 - [INTERNAL]


  • First Time User Experience (FTUE) explanation of app.

  • Tutorial video link in header modal.


  • Massive back-end changes for much faster and more accurate banning analysis

[0.7.0] - 2020-03-27 - [INTERNAL]


  • Current Gamemode Reminder added to TAB.

  • Better user-sided error reporting.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Slow analysis time

    • Ubisoft API changes broke the system

[0.6.0] - 2020-03-19 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page addition:

    • Ignored Operators (never suggested as Smartor Target Bans).

  • Notice that Banned Operator Reminder does not work on Vulkan version.


  • Manner in which data is exchanged with the server, for improved speed.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Left-sided hover on Smart Bans not always showing up

    • 'Calculating Smart Bans' layout issues

    • Default Banned Operators Reminder toggle was visually set to Off incorrectly

  • Improved default settings save-handling

[0.5.0] - 2020-03-15 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page addition:

    • MMR Datacenter choice.

  • Best MMR reached last season.

  • Team Average stats for Smart- and Target Ban suggestions.

  • Service-status check with Overwolf with notification to user if there are issues.


  • Manner in which data is exchanged with the server, for improved longevity.

  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Improved MMR handling for people that haven't finished placements yet

[0.4.0] - 2020-03-10 - [INTERNAL]


  • Settings page, including:

    • Banned Operators Reminder on/off.

    • Custom Games on/off (Experimental feature).

    • R6SB Weighing basis (Presence and/or MMR and/or KD) (Premium feature).

    • Team Flexibility Variable (Premium feature).

  • Oryx and Iana, the Y5S1 operators.

  • 400x300 video ads integration.

  • Manual analysis trigger button.


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Analysis was still not always reliably triggered.

  • Widget and panel size, to accomodate 400x300 video ads.

  • Grid framework loading, for improved ad positioning.


  • Various, now excessive, debug logging.

  • Some unused image assets (to reduce OPK size)

[0.3.5] - 2020-03-07 - [INTERNAL]


  • Various bug fixes, including:

    • Widget no longer shows up unnecessarily at the end of a match.

    • Analysis was not always reliably triggered based on flawed in-game event/info handling.

    • Banned Operator Reminder element was not correctly created.

    • Tab hotkey for Banned Operator Reminder element caused the in-game scoreboard to not show up.

  • Improved visuals for the Banned Operator Reminder element.

  • Improved visuals for the Desktop, Widget, and Panel elements.


  • References to 'Overwolf Sample App', which the framework is based on.

[0.3.0] - 2020-03-04 - [INTERNAL]


  • Banned Operator Reminder element, which shows up when holding Tab.


  • Various bug fixes, mostly to do with in-game event/info handling.

[0.2.0] - 2020-03-01 - [INTERNAL]


  • In-app feedback form (accessible from the header).


  • Various bug fixes, mostly to do with in-game event/info handling.

[0.1.0] - 2020-02-27 - [INTERNAL]

First internal version.


  • Core functionality.