The R6 Analyst app on Overwolf provides you with a suite of utilities to improve and enhance your Siege experience. These features are all aimed at helping you play Siege more effectively.

What features are available in R6 Analyst?

R6 Smart Ban

Our flagship product, R6 Smart Ban allows you to get real-time suggestions for the most optimal Operator bans, based on user data of your team versus that of the enemy.

  • Get recommended Smart Bans, which disrupt the enemy strategies, without disrupting yours.

  • Get recommended Target Bans, which aim to cripple a single enemy's playstyle.

  • Dive deep in the operator preferences of all players in the match, viewing their most-played Operators, and how well they perform on them.

Read more about the features of R6 Smart Ban here.

R6 Map Stats

A unique feature that allows you to track your performance by Map, find what strats to run, and what you still need to work on.

  • Real-time tracking of your performance in-game, per map.

  • View deep analyses of your performance (K/D, Win%, etc.) per map.

  • Objective-specific analysis: See what OBJ sites you are good at attacking/defending, and with which Operators you succeed the most.

  • Get statistics on how often you succeed and fail at spawnpeeking on each map, and how often you get spawnkilled for every spawnpoint on the map.

Read more about the features of R6 Map Stats here.

R6 Operator Stats

Track your performance per Operator, and improve your game in a data-driven manner.

  • Real-time tracking of your performance per Operator.

  • Deep analyses of your performance (K/D, Win%, etc.) per Operator.

  • Time-series tracking of performance stats and use per Operator over time.

Read more about the features of R6 Operator Stats here.

R6 UI Enhancement

Small and customizable improvements to the Siege User Interface. All can be enabled or disabled individually at will, to get the exact User Interface you want! 

  • An Enhanced Scoreboard, showing all the players in the lobby, and a wide variety of statistics for their account, including:

    • Rank - Their current- and best Rank this current season, and the previous season.

    • Hours - Their total hours in-game in PvP online matches.

    • K/D - Their overall Ranked Kills-to-Deaths ratio.

    • Win % - Their seasonal Ranked Win % (the percentage of matches they've won).

    • HS % - Their overall online PvP Headshot % (the percentage of kills that were headshots).

    • Left - The number of matches they left (abandoned) prematurely in Ranked in the current season.

    • Fav Ops - Their top three most-played Operators on ATK and DEF. This looks at recent play data if available, or overall data if not.

  • A small UI element showing the currently Banned Operators, whenever you hold Tab.

  • A small UI element showing the current gamemode, whenever you hold Tab.

Read more about the features of R6 UI Enhancement here.

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