Is the app free?

Oh yes. It is. The app is available to download from the Overwolf Appstore.

I’m afraid of getting banned, how can I make sure that Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker is safe to use?

Tracker Network is a safe brand. It tracks over 100 million players from top competitive games and is in contact with the game developers and publishers. Rainbow 6 Siege Tracker is used by many of the most hardcore players, including KingGeorge and Pengu. Hear them out.

How to use the app?

It’s super simple. Once you download and install, the only thing you need to do is to enter Rainbow 6 Siege, and play regularly. When you play a multiplayer match such as Casual, Unranked and Ranked, the app’s loading window will appear automatically and will start giving you valuable information that will help you to kick ass.

Does the app support all game modes?

The app doesn’t support AI game modes, which means “Lonewolf” and “Situations” are not supported.