IronQuest is a quest planner for RuneScape. Calculate the optimal path for completing quests.

What can IronQuest do?

IronQuest can look up your RuneScape skill levels and completed quests to build a list of actions to complete. The actions can be one of: completing a quest, using an XP lamp, and training a skill. These actions are ordered in an optimal way to complete all quests as efficiently as possible.

The first window that will open will prompt you to enter your RuneScape username, as shown in the screenshot below. You can type in your username or leave it blank. Click continue to see your results.

The next window will show the list of actions for you to complete, as shown in the screenshot below.

This window can be resized to fit horizontally, as shown in the screenshot below.

The settings can be accessed by clicking the “SETTINGS” button in the top-right of this window. The settings window can be used to change your username among other options (see image below to learn what each setting does). The screenshot below shows the settings window.

What can't IronQuest do?

  • Only RS3 is supported, and therefore Old School RuneScape is not supported.

  • Quests are not completed for you.

  • Skills are not trained for you.

  • XP lamps are not used for you.

  • Completed quests are not automatically removed from the results. You must refresh the results by either closing and re-opening IronQuest or opening the settings window and clicking the save button.