What are match goals and what should I set them to?

Match goals are used to determine the intensity of your exercise after each match. The further you are from achieving your goals, the more intense the exercise will be. For example, If your "Kill Goal" is set to 5 kills, and you only get 1 kill, you will be assigned more reps than if you had 4 kills.

What is the "Max Per Game" setting and what should I set it to?

If you play really bad and are as far away from achieving your goals as possible, you will be assigned the "Max Per Game" value for that exercise. You should set the "Max Per Game" value to something that suits your fitness level. Setting it too high may make your workout too intense, while setting it too low may make your workout too easy!

What are the differences between "seconds" and "reps"? Which one should I use?

Seconds should be used for any exercises that you want measured in time, instead of repetitions. For example, you would want "Wall Sits" set to seconds and "Curls" set to Reps, i.e. Wall Sits for 30 "seconds" vs 20 "reps" of curls.

Why is there a blue border around one of my exercises?

The blue border designates the next exercise to be assigned. After your next match, you will be assigned that exercise.

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