FITGamer is a fitness trainer for gamers! It offers a unique way to sneak in a workout while you play some of your favorite games. Not only will FITGamer help you become more active, it will help improve your gaming skills by assigning more intense exercises if you play poorly. This helps gamers to focus on consistency and making better decisions. The app also tracks your gaming stats and workout totals as you play.

What can you do with FITGamer?

  • Set up custom workouts with up to 5 different exercises, or choose from one of our many preset workouts that include detailed instruction videos on proper exercise form and technique.  

  • Set match goals to determine the intensity of your next exercise. For example, your match goals for Fortnite might be to get 5 kills and place in the top 15%

  • Exercise after each game. If you play well and achieve your match goals, your exercise will be easy. However, if you don’t reach your match goals, the exercise will be harder!

  • Track your gaming stats and workout totals.

  • View your match and workout history.