Apex Legends Companion is an app that helps you to increase your chance of winning by suggesting the best strategies for the most important aspects of the game.

Use the Apex Legends Companion to track the success of your actions and decisions, and to immediately understand what helps and hurts your chance of winning. The Overwolf Companion app pushes you to improve in real-time. Every in-game action displays suggestions based on data collected from thousands of matches played.

What can you do with Apex Legends Companion?

  • Choose the best Legends combinations based on average win rates

  • Analyze your surroundings and choose the best position with the help of the radar and global map heatmaps 

  • See your chance of winning according to your current weapons, inventory, and location 

  • Understand if you need to loot more, find a new position, or if you are ready to fight

Detailed stats are only shown according to the state of the game, e.g., the Pick Assistant is only shown during the Legends selection process. There is no need to tune the app’s windows or use hotkeys.

Apex Legends Companion is the best and only tool for Apex Legends players who want to improve their skills, win more, and have a better Apex experience.

You can also visit our introductory page to learn more about the Apex Legends Companion features - https://dreamteam.gg/apex/companion