The app is not tracking my deck! 

The app's installation process includes an additional component called "RDT" (Runterra Deck Tracker). This component has to be running in the background in order for the overlay to track the cards properly.

If you can't see it in your taskbar, search for it in Windows (the file is called "RDT.exe") and run it.  

In case you don't have the RDT component at all - you can download it here.

In addition, please make sure that the game's "Enable third party endpoints" option is enabled. You can find it in the settings > Third party tools:

Black screen after pressing "Explore Companion" / Read "box" under the data collecter (Old app 0.6.0/0.6.1 version not updating)

If you are running and old Runeterra Deck Tracker app version you may have these issue, please check your app version by opening the Deck tracker overlay app clicking in the small cogwheel icon. Please make sure to redownload the Runeterra Deck Tracker using this our AppStore.

I can't see the app in-game!

If you can't see the app when you're in-game, please uninstall the RDT and start a new game. The app will reinstall the RDT on its own and the issue will be resolved.

How come some of my cards aren’t being detected by the Deck Tracker?

Our Deck Tracker currently doesn’t accurately account for cards that:

  1. Are added to your deck by other cards. 
    1. The counts for cards left in your deck may be off in such situations.
    2. All champion spells that cycle champs back in your deck and cards like Counterfeit Copies and Parade Electrorig go here.
  2. Are added to your hand by other cards.
    1. These may affect the way your graveyard responds 
  3. For example, Draven axes can be mislabeled or fleeting cards will go to your Graveyard even if they weren’t used. Are added to the board by other cards.
    1. These affect cards played by your opponent.
    2. For example, Hapless Aristocrat, will summon a spide that will be added to cards played by your opponent.

Here is a list of all the cards that are not detected properly. If you find an exception that is not there, feel free to let us know via the Mobalytics Discord server.

How do I hide the overlay panels?

You can toggle all the overlay panels between on and off at any time by pressing Ctrl + T.

How do I hide the Graveyard?

You can toggle the Graveyard between on and off at any time by pressing Ctrl + G.

Do I need a Mobalytics account to use the Legends of Runeterra Deck Tracker?

No, but it is highly recommended because Overwolf will automatically upload all your game data to Mobalytics if you have an account, allowing you to fully utilize the tools offered at

If you don’t have one, you can sign up at using either your Google account, Twitch, Discord, and other options.

Which regions are supported by the Legends of Runeterra Deck Tracker?

The Deck Tracker supports all regions that Legends of Runeterra supports.

Need assistance? Send us a message over Discord!