MapMate helps you find airdrops to get you better loot and more wins, it also keeps track of the plane's flight path automatically so that you can make strategic decisions about where to go, based on where you know people are likely to be.

How to Use MapMate

MapMate is super simple to use. Whenever you're in a game, you'll see a helpful display in the bottom left corner of the screen showing you status updates and reminding you of the MapMate hotkeys.

Marking an Airdrop

To mark an airdrop, simply...

  1. Look directly at the drop when it's in the sky (literally, you need to point your crosshair right at it).
  2. Hit the "mark airdrop" hotkey (CTRL+E) to mark it.
  3. MapMate will process the airdrop and draw a line within the MapMate map overlay (toggle it open with CTRL+Q) from your current location in the direction of the drop.
  4. That's it! Now just follow that line and you'll eventually run into the airdrop.

Any drops you mark in a 90-second period will be color-coded to match, so that you can easily tell which lines were for which drops.

Pro Tip! If you want to know the *exact* location of the drop, simply mark it once like normal, then move
50 or 100 meters to the side and mark it again. This will allow you to triangulate the drop's location.
(Be sure to move enough or else the triangulation won't work.)

Pro Tip #2 Use a second monitor to track everything in real time without having to toggle open the in-game MapMate map overlay window.

Tracking the Flight Path

The flight path is tracked automatically by MapMate, so there's nothing you need to do.

Once you've been on the plane for a few seconds, the flight path will automatically get marked on your MapMate map overlay, which you can toggle open with CTRL+Q.