Version 0.4.13 | Release date 12/01/2020

  • Added Team and Dead filters - now you can filter players, that are in your team, to review their stats

  • Fixed issue with stats being downloaded for a wrong game mode
  • Fixed issue where teammates were not displayed in a leaderboard

Version 0.3.233 | Release date 21/12/2019

  • Now it is only possible to see the streamers after the match is over and you did mange to survive till that time

Known Issues

  • Player stats are downloaded only for 3rd person perspective, regardless of the current game mode - fixed in version 0.4.13

Version 0.3.232 | Release date 19/12/2019

  • Updated the ability to see streamers. Now it is only possible to see streamers only after either your or their match is over. This is a precaution to avoid stream sniping. - removed in version 0.3.233
  • Removed the ability to open the stream in Overwolf Web Browser when click viewers count

Version 0.3.206 | Release date 04/12/2019

  • Added ability to see the streamers, who are currently streaming the match on twitch
  • View stream details and preview when hover over streamer avatar
  • Open the stream in Overwolf Web Browser when click viewers count button - removed in version 0.3.232

  • Add a set of filters to filter out specific players:
    • Alive - select this filter to show only players, who are still alive
    • Streamers  - show only the active streamers, who are streaming the game
    • Played with - players, with whom you have played in previous games during current gaming session
    • Victims - show players, that you have killed in a current match
  • Added refresh button, to handle cases when something went wrong and stats weren't loaded properly
  • Preview the list of players, who are joining the airfield - stage before the game starts on a countdown

  • Now you can compare your stats to stats of another player. You will see a difference in number when hover on player rank icon in the leaderboard. If the number is red - your stat is lower, green - higher

  • Show player's ADR or Average Damage per Round calculated stat
  • Improved search, now you can search the players by multiple criteria, separated by comma in a search field

Known Issues

  • Dock button opens the application in desktop mode, instead of ingame
  • When application was launched in desktop mode and closed, the ingame window stays open
  • Sometimes current player is not displayed in a leaderboard during an airfield phase
  • Sometimes team and current player is not highlighted in a leaderboard during an airfield phase
  • Teammates stopped being displayed in a leaderboard - fixed in version 0.4.13
  • Kill count stopped working for local player - fixed in version 0.3.232

Version 0.2.77 | Release date 19/09/2019

  • Added ability to search players by name in a leaderboard

  • Added ability to sort players by name, rank or kill death ratio
  • Focus on current player in a leaderboard by pressing space
  • Close application window by pressing ESC
  • Display skull icon to indicate dead players
  • Display yellow skull icon (and a hover tooltip) for an enemy in a leaderboard that was killed by current player (you)

  • Minor invisible changes like some code optimization, analytics, refactoring, error handling and console error fixes

Known Issues

  • If a killed player was afk, they will not be marked as a victim with yellow skull icon
  • When application is launched mid game, it is not handling the stats properly. Default "Please join the game ..." message is shown - fixed in version 0.3.206

Version 0.1.50 | Release date 08/07/2019

  • Fixed most of the issues
  • Changed default hotkey to F5
  • Show detailed rank and stats when hover over the player rank icon

  • Show dead player survival time
  • Highlight teammates in a leaderboard
  • Added spinner when download player stats
  • Apply better font in the application
  • Improve desktop page design
  • Display main window toggle hotkey in window header

Known Issues

  • When main window toggle hotkey is changed in Overwolf settings, it is not updated automatically in a header, until application is restarted completely.
  • Sometimes, there's one constantly spinning (updating) unknown rank icon in a leaderboard.
  • Sometimes, there are empty stats displayed for players, who, actually, have their stats not empty.
  • When player dies the leaderboard stops refreshing. It is very noticeable in duos or squads.
  • When double click several times on the window app, it zooms in.
  • Dead player stats tool tip has unpleasant design - fixed in version 0.2.77

Version 0.0.18 | Release date 26/05/2019

  • First release to the Overwolf App Store as PUBG Dev Challenge participant application
  • Added Discord Server Invite link to the application top navigation bar
  • Added Overwolf Support Pages link to the application top navigation bar
  • Added off game window with application description and all related links or information
  • Show entire match players list
  • Show player name, rank icon, current season KDR value and current match kill count
  • Order players by rank points
  • Highlight current player in a list

Known Issues

  • Alive players do not have kills count in a current match.
  • A lot of players have unknown stats in the leaderboard. - fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Most of the stats are outdated and can be up to two weeks old. - fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Default ugly scrollbar is present on the right hand side of the leaderboard. - fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Rank icons are too small. - fixed in version 0.1.50
  • Sometimes there can be a bug when no leaderboard is rendered, only top window bar. - fixed in version 0.1.50