What is PUBG Match Leaderboard?

PUBG Match Leaderboard is an Overwolf PUBG in-game application that allows you to view the entire list of players that are currently in your match.

How do I use PUBG Match Leaderboard in game?

Just join a new match and press the default F5 hotkey to open the main application window.

Why can't I see PUBG Match Leaderboard right after the game started?

Since PUBG Match Leaderboard provides information regarding the current match, that is being in progress, there is no need to show the application automatically in the menu or on early stages (like lobby).

What game modes are supported by PUBG Match Leaderboard?

PUBG Match Leaderboard properly works in regular solo/duo/squad fpp/tpp game modes.

What information does PUBG Match Leaderboard provide?

The app displays various info about your enemies, like their seasonal stats, kill death ratio, rank, kills, match survival time. It also provides information about the players who are still alive or who already left the game or died. The players are ordered by their rank, so that the most skilled enemy is at the top of the list.

How can I change the app's hotkeys?

Just click the gear icon on the window's top bar or open the Overwolf settings manually.

How can I send feedback?

Join our Discord Server and feel free to post your feedback there.