What is MAP-G?

MAP-G is an Overwolf PUBG in-game application that allows you to view the plane's path during the entire match, as well as your traveled path, kills and death locations, and most common vehicle spawn points.

How do I use MAP-G in game?

Just join a new match and press the default Ctrl+B key combination to open the application's main window.

Why can't I see MAP-G right after the game starts?

Since MAP-G provides information regarding a current match that is in progress, there is no need to show the application automatically in the menu or in early stages (like the lobby).

What games are supported by MAP-G?


What game modes are supported by MAP-G?

MAP-G supports regular solo/duo/squad FPP/TPP game modes.

What information does MAP-G provide?

MAP-G provides info on the direction of the plane's flight at the start of a match, it displays the locations of major match events like kills or death, shows the path traveled by the player and highlights the most common vehicle spawn points.

How can I change the hotkeys?

Just click the gear icon in the window's top bar, or open up the hotkeys tab inside Overwolf's settings.

How can I send a feedback?

Join our Discord Server and feel free to post your feedback there.

Where can I find my saved images?

All the images are saved to the default Pictures\Overwolf\MAP-G folder.