MAP-G is an Overwolf PUBG in-game application that allows you to view the aircraft's path during the entire match. This is a useful feature for players who often catch themselves forgetting where the plane went at the start of a match. The path is displayed as a bold red line on a map.

In addition to marking the plane's path, the app contains a set of useful functionality, for example:

  • Drawing the player's traveled path on a map.
  • Marking the player's position where they performed a kill.
  • Marking the player's death location.
  • Displaying the most common land and/or water vehicle spawn locations. They can be toggled by the vehicle/boat icons in the left bottom corner of a map.

  • Save the map to a file by pressing on the save icon in the left bottom corner of a map. The image is saved to the Pictures\Overwolf\MAP-G folder.