I want to share that awesome replay!

We're working on making sharing a one-click operation. In the meantime:

  • Find the game you want in your replay collection -  it’s located in %localappdata%/Overwolf/ZeroToHeroes/Replays (just type that address in the Windows Explorer search bar)
  • After a few moments, your game will be online and ready to be watched or shared

Can I watch past games?

You're now able to see the games of your past sessions directly in the Game Summary screen. Click on the icon with cards at the top, and choose the session you want to watch.

Where are the stats?

This is in development as well. We need to have the auto-upload capabilities in place first, so we have enough data to build meaningful stats.
Also, we're thinking of building the "usual" stats (win/rate ratios per class or deck, number of games played, etc.) but would also like to include more fun ones - so let us know if you have cool ideas!

Why upload the games to Zero to Heroes?

There are several reasons why having all your games online can be a good idea:

  • You'll always have all your games in one single place, and can access them from everywhere.
  • This makes them very easy to share with friends or ask for advice on your gameplay.
  • You can have stats that are meaningful because they include all your games.

This is why we'll soon be rolling out an auto-upload feature, so that you can access all your games from anywhere.

How can I help?

Whether you want to help us develop (the full code is open-sourced on GitHub), provide feedback, or simply join the community, come say hi on our Discord channel!