Manastorm is an Overwolf built in app developed with ZerotoHeroes. It captures your Hearthstones matches (played in the last session) in the form of video replays and allows to review them in your Game Summary window.

How does it work?

Manastorm starts capturing your active Hearthstone session (spectating included) and stops when you close Hearthstone. The Game Summary window will pop with your Hearthstone replays ready to watch, action-by-action (so no downtime when you're thinking or when your opponent is roping!).


Matches will be listed individually on the right and will include the following details:

  • Win / Lose status
  • Character(s) played
  • Players’ nicknames

To navigate within the replay, you can either use the controls at the bottom, or use keyboard shortcuts:

  • Left/Right arrows for previous/next action
  • Down/Up arrows for previous/next turn

You can also set the player to autoplay the actions one at a time.

Advanced features

  • Cards Oracle: you can click on the Eye icon to see the cards your opponent has in hand. Please note that since the games are reconstructed from your Hearthstone client logs, it is not always possible to know what each card is. The way we achieve this is by tracking each card individually, and if at some point in the game your opponent plays it we can then know what card it was right from the start
  • Switch Sides: clicking on the Switch Sides icon lets you take your opponent's seat and see the game from their point of view (with the caveat about some cards not being available mentioned above)
  • Change Speed: you can change the speed at which the autoplay chains the actions. Let us know if you find that the default speed should be changed! 

What next?

We're always looking for feedback, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestion or request. The next items we have in the pipe are:

  • Make it easier for you to share your games on the web or on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Reddit will be supported by default)
  • Improve the replay viewer to handle cards with changing text (I'm looking at you Kazakus Potion and Deathstalker Rexxar's Zombeasts!)
  • See your past session games
  • Stats!

Are you a developer?

If you're into the arcane arts of code and wish to contribute, or are simply curious, you can check out the source code for the replay viewer and the Overwolf application on GitHub:

If you encountered an issue or need any further assistance, please contact us.