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LoLwiz stats are unavailable (I get an error message), what should I do?

This issue might happen when Riot’s API servers are down, please try to use LoLwiz later.

I’m a Garena user and LoLwiz doesn’t work for me.

Unfortunately LoLwiz is not available for Garena users (SEA region).

LoLwiz is not fully showing in my game, the window is cropped.

Check out your DPI settings, Overwolf best performs with your DPI set to 100%. We have an article that can help you.

I feel that LoLwiz is affecting my in-game FPS.

It's recommended to check for overlay programs other than Overwolf running at the same time.
Please also be aware that if you are using any app/program to record your game, it's more likely that the recording is affecting the FPS.
Finally, we also recommend checking Overwolf's minimum requirements to make sure that your PC is up to the task :)

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