We have gathered some questions that our users have been asking over time, and did our best to answer :) Please check out these Q&A and hopefully find what you came looking for!

Is LoLwiz safe to use? What does Riot have to say about it? 

Rest assured that LoLwiz is completely safe to use and is in full compliance with Riot’s Terms of Use (TOU). Thousands of users hit our servers daily and have been doing so since early 2015. But don’t take our word for it, check out Riot’s official word on LoLwiz below. 

Is LoLwiz free to use? 

Yes, LoLwiz is a free Overwolf app. 

Can I use LoLwiz in my region? 

LoLwiz is available for all regions except SEA (Garena servers).

How can I change LoLwiz’s hotkey combination? 

Go to Overwolf’s Settings menu → Hotkeys tab and select a new hotkey for the LoLwiz app. 

Why does it take a few seconds for LoLwiz stats to be ready? 

LoLwiz gets the summoners info by connecting to Riot’s API servers, this process might take a few seconds. 

Why do you need me to insert my summoner name and region? 

Your summoner name and region are necessary in order to get your live data from the Riot database.  

Got a question that's not listed here? Experiencing any technical difficulty with LoLwiz? Check out the LoLwiz troubleshooting article. Still need assistance? Contact us :)