In this page you'll find information of the app's updates.


Version | Release date 05/01/2020:

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 25/12/2019:

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 17/12/2019:

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 11/12/2019:

  • Add TFT Item Pagination in desktop and in-game
  • Add TFT Formations
  • Change TFT default hotkeys
  • Design Fixes

Version | Release date 27/11/2019:

  1. Remove support of TT :(
  2. Bug fixes and improvements

Version | Release date 18/11/2019:


  • Stats will now show from the current season instead of 2.
  • Update in-game tags algorithms to be more accurate.
  • Visual bug fix in team damage in champ select.


  • New Items Widget design.
  • New in-game Overlay window with Team compositions, Tier list, Items and champs knowledgebase.
  • New Desktop 'Learn TFT' section similar to in-game.


  • Bug fixes
  • Improve loading times for Champ select and in-game stats.

Version | Release date 27/10/2019:

  • Fixed Ranks not showing up.

Version | Release date 13/10/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version | Release date 25/09/2019:

  • (TFT) Add support for new TFT Items.
  • (TFT) Separate drop rates and items widget in-game.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 17/09/2019:

  • Champ Select:
    • Bugfix: when selecting a champ in league client set the active column in picks and bans.
    • Remove support for Twisted treeline in My best champs.
    • Team stats now only supports the following queues: Rift Draft, Rift Blind, Rift Solo/Duo, Rift Flex.
    • Aram & TT Current champ column now shows only total games.
    • bugfix: champs under damage distribution.
    • Aram and TT only: change tab to Set Items&Runes instead of team stats.
  • bugfix: playing TFT and using rift hotkeys opens stats window.
  • Added desktop monetization.
  • Fix designs in Learn champ section

Version | Release date 05/09/2019:

  • Fixed cases where the game would minimize in the loading screen.
  • Fixed detecting summoners in different regions.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version | Release date 25/08/2019:

  • Changed: Champ Select is now not always on top.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 25/08/2019:

  • NEW! Support for TFT with an In-game Items Widget
  • NEW! Learn Champs for our desktop - learn about your favorite champs, create and share playstyles and much more.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version | Release date 14/08/2019:

  • Pro builds for Champ Select - use pro builds and runes with one click!

Version 0.6.230 | Release date 01/08/2019:

  • Fixed ranks not showing

Version 0.6.220 | Release date 16/07/2019:

  • Improved loading times for stats.
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.198 | Release date 24/06/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.196 | Release date 16/06/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.193 | Release date 11/06/2019:

  • Bug fix causing some tags to not show.
  • Added a new tags.
  • Update the functionality of the cards/list view to save the last open view.

Version 0.6.184 | Release date 30/05/2019:

  • Fixed tags in Ranked Flex.
  • Fixed cases where Summoner level was not updating.

Version 0.6.183 | Release date 27/05/2019:

  • Name change of the tag "Loser" to "Low WR".
  • App Improvements/Functionality
  • More bug fixes.

Version 0.6.178 | Release date 21/05/2019:

  • NEW: In-game: Cards View:
    • A brand new way to learn about your teammates and opponents.
    • Some of the available info you can learn:
      • Level and Solo/Duo Rank
      • Champ proficiency
      • Winrate
      • Vision
      • KDA
      • KP
      • Smurf?
      • CS
      • Win/Loss streak
      • Team Damage Distribution
      • Team Vision Score
  • Champ Select: Set Runes&Items tab:
    • Add option to swap spells position before pushing.
    • Add option to delete existing item pages.
    • Add option to always push rune pages and spells.
    • Bug fix: Picked champ was not recognized in time.
    • Bug fix: Cases where pushing items doesn't work.
  • General:
    • Default in-game stats are now Cards View with ability to change to list.
    • Added "Unranked" icon instead of "---".
    • Bug fix: Inconsistencies in team damage distribution.

Version 0.6.161 | Release date 29/04/2019:

  • Champ Select:
    • Fixed Team Damage Distribution when champs got banned.
    • Added Team Damage Distribution tooltip.
    • Fixed some images for champs and tiers.
    • Improved detection of picked champs in Draft modes and Aram.
    • Typo fix.
    • fixed cases where "Push Runes" pushed 2 rune pages instead of 1.
  • In-game:
    • Fix for Team Damage Distribution in Twisted Treeline

Version 0.6.155 | Release date 21/04/2019:

  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.6.154 | Release date 18/04/2019:

  • Fixed role detection in Picks&Bans.

  • Added more tooltips for Champ Select window.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 0.6.150 | Release date 17/04/2019:

  • All New Champ Select - spy on your teammates!
    • Picks and Bans tab:
      • The top 5 picks and bans from the selected tier and role.
      • Your best champs from the last 50 games and their counters.
    • Team Stats tab:
      • Current Champ: The Summoner's current selected champ with number of games played and winrate from the past 15 games.
      • Best Champs: From the past 20 games, the Summoner's 2 highest winrate champs with at least 5 games and total games played.
      • W/L Streak: Summoner's win/loss streak in the current queue +an indication if a probable smurf on your team!
      • Summoner's ranks in Solo/Duo and Flex.
      • Team damage distribution.
    • Set Runes & Items tab:
      • You can now push runes/spells directly to your client.
      • You can now import item sets into your game from playstyles.
  • Fixed Ranks not showing.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Backend and stability improvements.

Version 0.6.130 | Release date 06/03/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.124 | Release date 14/02/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.121 | Release date 12/02/2019:

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.6.115 | Release date 04/02/2019:

  • Loading window: fix "click here" link to open stats window.
  • Bug fixes to stats window.
  • Fixed cases where user switches between Summoners and Facecheck doesn't recognize it.
  • Stability and back-end improvements
  • Other bug fixes

Version 0.6.110 | Release date 22/01/2019:

  • Desktop:
    • Added "Coming Soon" banners and survey to upcoming features (Comparison, Meta Updates, Learn Champs).
    • Add toggle to Settings button to allow to go to previous screen.
    • Fixed flow issues.
  • General:
    • Improved Champ Select Assistant.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Stability and back-end improvements

Version 0.6.66 | Release date 05/12/2018:

  • Support for new rank system (Patch 8.24).
  • Added support for Neeko.
  • Fixed - save last position of Champ Select Assistant window.
  • Contact us - save your message when navigating between windows.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.6.63 | Release date 22/11/2018:

  • Bug fix.

Version 0.6.62 | Release date 20/11/2018:

  • Added support for patch 8.23 gameplay changes:
    • Stat Shards
    • New and removed runes
    • Tips and play-styles
  • Visual updates.
  • Fix for champ select assistant - couldn't detect selection after update for league client.
  • Updated contact us form.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.6.60 | Release date 14/11/2018:

  • Added total CS/Gold/Damage value on tooltips.
  • Added contact us page in desktop mode.
  • Change in-game loading to vertical design.
  • Other bug fixes.

Version 0.6.57 | Release date 16/10/2018:

  • Bug fixes in Champ Select.
  • Improving loading times in NA.

Version 0.6.50 | Release date 04/10/2018:

  • Bug fixes.

Version 0.6.48 | Release date 04/10/2018:

  • Added new window with champs info at Champ Select.
  • Added new Play Styles for every champ in learning champions.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • Back-end improvements to decrease loading times in NA.

Version 0.6.45 | Release date 19/08/2018:

  • Temporarily removed the Discord button due to WidgetBot not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue when closing the notification the in-game stats opens.
  • Fixed cases where the sidebar in Desktop mode disappears.
  • Back-end improvements to decrease loading times.

Version | Release date 19/08/2018:

  • Added support for Nexus Blitz.

Version | Release date 02/08/2018:

  • In-game stats window - Added last build column.
  • In-game stats window - Added Flex rank.
  • In-game stats window - Added horizontal scrolling.
  • In-game stats window - In Aram you will always be the first champion in the table.
  • In-game stats window - Fixed runes tooltips.
  • My Stats - Changed tier/queue avg to tier avg and collect data accordingly.
  • My Stats - Filter tier avg data by All / Win / Lose
  • Added region next to summoner name.
  • Added shorthand region in drop-down regions (settings).
  • Fixed Overwolf dock behavior.
  • Other bug fixes and backend improvements.

Version | Release date 28/06/2018:

  • Added support for ARURF.

Version | Release date 25/06/2018:

  • Now you can lookup and compare two of your champions at once in the Desktop (My Stats).
  • Added additional Graphs to My Stats.
  • Added recently played champs (per queue).
  • Added game filters (wins, loses, all)
  • Added graph filters (wards placed/destroyed, K/D/A).
  • Added tooltips with information for each point in the graphs.
  • CS/min (My Stats + in-game) now includes monsters.
  • Fixed some behavior bugs in Desktop mode.
  • Fixed cases where sometimes the app opened in-front of the lol launcher.
  • Fixed cases where Facecheck was blank in-game.
  • Fixed some champs that had missing abilities.
  • Fixed in-game tooltips.
  • Several back-end improvements for a better experience.

Version | Release date 03/06/2018:

  • My Stats: Added the number of times you killed / were killed by under champion image.
  • My Stats: Removed graphs of wards from Aram and Twisted Treeline.
  • In-game Stats: Hide lane icons and lane buttons from Aram and Twisted Treeline.
  • Notification Window: added "or click here" (to open stats window).
  • Settings window: Temporary removed "Open My Stats after game" - stats window will open after a game ended.
  • Other bug fixes, stability and back-end improvements.

Version | Release date 28/05/2018:

  • Behavior updates to My Stats graphs.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes after a match ended the match stats didn't show up in My Stats
  • Improved behavior of the player avatar.
  • Tooltips visual glitch fix.
  • Other bug fixes, stability and back-end improvements.

Version | Release date 17/05/2018:

  • Improved My Stats graphs.
  • My Stats - Improve legend on the avg plots - added arrows on your avg.
  • Abilities description now show the ability default hotkey.
  • Other bug fixes, stability and back-end improvements.

Version | Release date 14/05/2018:

  • Made some adjustments to the My Stats tooltips.
  • My Stats stats are more accurate.
  • Added an option to disable the launch of My Stats after game ends.
  • Added LP (League Points) in the Rank tooltip.
  • Fixed cases in "recently plays" where you didn't see Support.
  • Other bug fixes, stability and back-end improvements.

Version | Release date 07/05/2018:

  • New Desktop mode which includes:
    • Home screen with the apps status.
    • My Stats.
    • Settings Window.
  • Default hotkey changed to CTRL+Z.
  • Change easily the hotkey by pressing on it in the stats table.
  • Updated in-game Stats Table with more features:
    • Champion learning section:
      • Starter Items.
      • Recommended Build.
      • Skill Order.
    • Damage distribution per champ.
  • Other bug fixes and backend improvements.

Version 0.5.5 | Release date 18/04/2018:

  • Loading screen - replaced link for learn more [Down for maintenance].
  • Support Twisted Treeline - Flex.
  • Bugfix: Team damage distribution.
  • Other bug fixes and backend improvements.

Version 0.5.4 | Release date 15/04/2018:

  • Feature: Team damage distribution UI checkbox - configure default settings
  • Feature: change the champ in the learning section to my new rival on drag row
  • Bugfix: When in-game - desktop window is still opened

Version 0.5.3 | Release date 15/04/2018:

  • Bugfix: tip title broken on change tip
  • In ARAM - check the Support check box of team damage distribution
  • Bugfix: on changing queue reset team damage distribution checkboxes
  • Feature: When switching from Loading to Table, continue from the same tip
  • Bugfix: Pressing on the top row of the open drop down menu (the current queue) should close it without change
  • Added support for Twisted treeline 3vs3 mode
  • Other bug fixes and backend improvments.

Version 0.5.2 | Release date 04/04/2018:

  • Rune tooltip: changed to main rune image instead of keystone.

Version 0.5.1 | Release date 04/04/2018:

  • Bugfix: Ad was behind the eyes of the logo [loading, stats screens]
  • Bugfix: Compact mode broken - fix stats table
  • Closing stats and notification windows in:
    • Game mode not supported
    • App is down for maintenance
    • GAME_ERROR [after try again]
  • Fix tooltip text:
    • Wards tooltip - "average" written twice
    • Attack types tooltip - "Melee attack" is displayed instead of "Crowd control"
    • Champion tooltip - "Champion:" is missing in the third line
  • Design fix to champion frames [loading, stats screens]
  • Added red frame to rival [loading, stats screens]
  • Other bug fixes and backend improvments.

Version 0.5.0 - First Public Beta | Release date 02/04/2018:

  • App is out - enjoy!

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