Hello Summoner! Are you ready to join the circle of Trophy Hunters?

Prove your skills by achieving trophies for extraordinary performances in a League of Legends game! Are you the Katarina who receives one multi-kill one after another or the tank who boldly takes the enemies burst for his team and still manages to not go down? Or are you the support who provides the vision that his team needs or the guy dealing the damage for his team? For all of you, there is “Good news everyone!” (Prof. Farnsworth). 

You can now strive for specific goals that show extraordinary performances of your specific playstyle. Gain honor and respect by unlocking more and more trophies and thus improving your overall Trophy Hunter Score. Let thy hunt begin!

“A true hunter never rests.” (Rengar)


  • Trophy Hunter profile with personal statistics and trophy achievements.
  • Trophy Hunter ranking (compare yourself to other trophy hunters).
  • Use your TH-Points in our lottery to win Riot Points.
  • Advertise your Twitch or YouTube channels and check out channels of other players.
  • Chat to find players for matchmaking.
  • In-game overlay with additional information:
    • Active Quests.
    • Runes & Masteries of other players.
    • Statistics about the playstyle of opponents and teammates.
    • Heatmap of opponents' movements.
    • Build path and skill order suggestions.
    • Lane matchup information.


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