"Summoner Info" is a Twitch Panel Extension showing viewers your League of Legends status.
For more information on the tech and for discussion/suggestions/questions head over to Reddit or Twitter.

To learn more about Extensions and how to install them on your own channel, check out the Twitch Extensions landing page.

Broadcaster Description

Show off your rankings and most played champions across multiple accounts easily, updated automatically as you play.
Your viewers can check runes and masteries for your current game and how you build the champion currently played in your latest matches.

After installing the extension through the Extension Manager, simply register all the accounts you want "Summoner Info" to keep track of, activate it for a Panel Slot and you're good to go.

Accounts on Korean Servers:
Due to changes in privacy policies we are currently unable to provide automated support for accounts on Korean Servers. Feel free to send us an email if you want to add your KR account so we can get back to you.

Please note: due to technical limitations the Panel can not be used for accounts playing on the Garena League of Legends client.

Viewer Description

  1. Active summoner (op.gg link) – The summoner the broadcaster has last played with (in case multiple summoners are registered).
    Click the name to go to the op.gg profile of that summoner.
  2. Active champion – The splash-art for the champion currently played by the broadcaster shows up in the header of the panel.
  3. Most played champions – Most played champions of the broadcaster across all registered accounts.
    Hover to see mastery points for each of them.
  4. Rankings – The rankings of the broadcaster across all registered accounts. The Icons represent the highest rankings of the registered accounts.
    Hover to see more details. In the tooltip the currently active account and the highest ranked among the registered accounts will be shown (if they are not the same).
  5. Current runes and masteries – Click through the tabs to see the setup used in the active/most recent game played by the broadcaster.
  6. Latest ranked games with match-history link – The last ranked games the broadcaster played (across all registered accounts) with the currently used champion.
    Click on a row to go to RIOT's full match-history for the respective game. If no games are available, click the text on top to go to RIOT's match-history for the currently active summoner.

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