I’m inside a game, but the time tabs are not being updated and I can’t use the mini view.

This might happen when Legendary Builds was active on desktop, and you didn’t close it before you’ve entered a game (So you're still in the “Desktop Mode”). Just close the Legendary Builds window and start the app again from the Overwolf dock. Legendary Builds will automatically detect your champion in a few seconds and will provide you with the relevant builds.

The mini view does not update the gold and minion values.

Try restarting Overwolf, sometimes the Game Events Provider gets stuck.
If this does not fix the problem, please contact Overwolf's Support with your game logs.

The mini view disappears everytime I click on the game.

That behavior is intentional, Riot doesn’t approve small app windows / panels to be displayed while the player is actively playing, so the “mini view” fades out each time you return to the game.

The mini view suddenly shows up but I didn’t use the hotkeys.

The mini view window shows up automatically each time you die or press the recall button “B”.

Legendary Builds doesn’t detect my champion, what should I do?

Legendary Builds will try to detect your champion from the game’s log and Riot’s API. If for some reason the champion won’t be detected, Legendary Builds will allow you to manually choose it.