Legendary Builds is an Overwolf app that helps you build your champion like a pro by providing you with the latest builds that were used by top pro-players.
You’ll be able to see how their build was evolved throughout the game, what role they played, their runes, masteries, skill order and much more.

How to use Legendary Builds:
There are two main modes for Legendary Builds, out-of-game and in-game:

  1. Out of game

    1. When you are out of game, you can easily browse through different professional players’ builds by selecting the desired champion in the “Champion Select” window. You can scroll up and down the window or search for a specific champion by using the “Search” box.


    2. After you've selected a champion, the champion’s “Builds” window will show up.


      You can view builds that are relevant to different roles by hovering with the mouse cursor over the champion's image and selecting your role from the the drop down list. For each role, you’ll get the most recent builds that were used by pros who played this role.


    3. Time tabs - you can see the builds’ state at different times in the game (Start, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.) 



    4. Detailed View - you can go to a specific build’s “Detailed View” by double-clicking on it or by clicking on the following button in the build's row:

      "Detailed View" content - in the detailed view you can see the build's buy order, runes, masteries and skill order.

  2. In-game

    1. When you start a match on LoL, the Legendary Builds app will be automatically launched and detect your selected champion.


    2. You’ll need to select your role (It can’t be automatically detected). The in-game role selection is similar to the out-of-game role selection.


    3. Time tabs - The selected tab will be updated automatically according to the real game time (e.g: at the first minute of the game, the “start” tab will be selected, at the 21st minute of the game, the “20 minutes” tab will be selected, etc.)


    4. Mini View - This is a very cool feature that lets you see the selected build, skill order and a real time comparison to the pro player’s CS and gold in a small window that won’t interfere with your game vision.
      In order to see the build's "Mini View" you'll need to click on the the following button:


      This is the mini view mode, here you can see that the skill order of the pro-player in his game was W-Q-E, and that the pro player had more gold (258) and minion kills (9) than the player in this specific time in game.

    5. Hotkey - You can show or hide Legendary builds in-game at anytime by using the Ctrl+P hotkey (the hotkeys combination can be changed through the Legendary Builds settings menu).