Installing LGS

  1. To download the latest LGS version, please visit the Logitech website.
  2. Before you can start the download, you will need to select your operating system & choose between the 32-bit / 64-bit version (help me detect my operating system's version)
  3. Click on the 'Download Now' button and wait for the download to finish
  4. Start the installation & follow the steps
  5. Restart your PC if required
  6. LGS is now installed

Updating LGS

  1. Open LGS from the tray menu
  2. Click on the arrow above the question mark icon 
  3. Select 'Check For Updates'
  4. If LGS is not up-to-date, you will see a new installation window
  5. Finish the installation
  6. LGS is now up-to-date