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Can I see the next brawler I will get? ▾

Sorry, but we don't know the next brawler you will get.
Brawl Stats is just a companion app not related to the game company (Supercell).

Can you give me gems? ▾

No, we can't give you gems. It would be cool, but we are not related to the game company.

Can you give me brawlers? ▾

We can't, but we can give you useful stats and recommendations to help you win more so you can progress faster!

I play all the time, but I didn’t get a legendary brawler! ▾

Sorry to hear that, but we can't help you. Brawl Stats is a companion app, not the game, and we don't know when you'll get brawlers.

Why can’t I see my trophy graph? ▾

You should visit your profile on Brawl Stats for 5 days (doesn't have to be consecutive) before we get enough data to show your trophy graph.

How are the recommended brawlers determined? ▾

Why aren’t you showing recommended brawlers for ticketed events (such as “Robo Rumble”)? ▾

We're constantly updating our apps and website with recommended brawlers. If you don't see anything for a specific event, we're working on it!

My account is lost / hacked / blocked – can you help me? ▾

We're sorry to hear that, but we are not related to the game's company. Please refer to the official Brawl Stars support page by Supercell.

What is my Supercell ID? Do I need it to use Brawl Stats? ▾

Supercell ID is an account system for Supercell games. You don't need a Supercell ID for using our apps or website.

What is my Brawl Stats player tag? ▾

Your player tag is a unique identifier, with a format similar to #XXXXXXX. Our app and website use player tag to get profile data. You can see our instructions on how to find your player tag in a simple video.

Why are there ads / too many ads in the app? ▾

Brawl Stats is totally free to use for you – the only way we maintain the project is through advertising. We always pay attention to user experience, so we don't show invasive or inappropriate ads.

Can I pay to remove the ads in the app? ▾

Yes, you can!
Inside the app, go to 'Settings' > 'Remove ads' and make a one-time purchase to enjoy the app ads-free :)
*Your purchase also supports our team and the efforts to make the app better, so it's greatly appreciated!

I used the recommended brawlers but I didn’t win. Is this a bug? ▾

Our recommended brawlers are intended to be just an advice on what to pick for each event. We can't guarantee this will lead you to win.

Where can I use Brawl Stats? ▾

You can use Brawl Stats on the following platforms:

I’m a YouTuber / streamer and wish to partner with Brawl Stats ▾

Please join our Discord server and get to know us.

Why isn’t the app available in my language? ▾

Our app is currently available only in English, but we are planning to translate it to multiple languages with the help of the community. Stay tuned, you can help us translate to your language too!

I would like to help translate Brawl Stats into my language. Who should I talk to? ▾

Please join our Discord server and stay tuned for updates.


Please note that the app Brawl Stats is not affiliated with Supercell, and we can't give you brawlers/gems. 
Please contact us regarding Brawl Stats only.